Monday , March 27 2023
Okowa and ULO boss, Uche Okpunor


Secrets Reporters

The Delta State Government House is a citadel of secrecy, where government activities are shrouded within the cabal that runs it. It is a game where loyalty is hundred percent demanded and even the press corps not allowed to report all they see.

This was the case that happened two weeks ago, when the Presidential lodge occupied by the Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa caught fire, but was not reported by any of the media covering the government house, apparently due to their not knowing about it, or “coercion by the powers that be not to report it”, as narrated by a source.

We gathered that the fire started from one of the air conditioners wire. The wiring of the lodge done by notorious ULO Construction Company and incidentally the favorite of Okowa was said to have been poorly done, with substandard ones bought for it, despite collecting millions for standard ones.

The incident led to the removal of most of the air conditioners there, where millions was budgeted for new ones to be installed with proper wiring done to it, claimed a source to our reporter. The old ones were auctioned we gathered to cronies and friends of prominent government officials.

A very reliable source revealed that the lodge was built with more of sand than cement, with the wires sparking and catching fire frequently. According to one of the source, there was so much fear that the former President, Goodluck Jonathan who came for his campaign in the state should not sleep in the lodge, as it may catch fire.

Luckily for the government of the day, the President didn’t sleep, and as feared, the lodge caught fire that night.

ULO who built the government house for billions of Naira is widely known to do shabby and substandard projects in the state, and abandoning them halfway after collecting lot of mobilization fee. One of his infamous work is the downgraded Asaba International Airport, which he got extra N5 billion for from the current state governor, in the name of upgrade, yet sold it out to a Chinese Construction Company and paid out only N500 million to them, which they took but refused to commence work, stating that the full money be given to them. The remaining N4.5 billion was allegedly shared by ULO and some top government officials alleged a source that revealed it to Sahara Reporters and The Will newspapers.

Okowa’s coming on-board so far has however witnessed some good road construction, not given to ULO but better companies

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