Tuesday , October 4 2022


Emmanuel Onuaguluchi

The New York Times in her editorial of April 1, 2016, citing cases of “cronyism, corruption and scandal swirling around Jacob Zuma since his secured the president of South Africa in May 2009” and the recent ruling by the country’s highest court that ruled that Mr Zuma had violated the constitution by refusing to pay back millions that the government spent improving his home called on the ANC to request that Mr Zuma step aside.

True that the president of South Africa took responsibility for his wrong doing but the international community has lost trust on his government.

But in our country, nobody and this is not an indictment but nobody ever take responsibility for their actions.

Every charge to court takes an ethnic dimension. It is either the igbos are being prosecuted or the the Hausas would cry foul play or the Yorubas or ijaws/efiks would stoke up tribal sentiments.

Otherwise why on earth has the senate president not deem it fit to resign that position for the sake of all Nigerians

Evans Enwerem was impeached because his name was either Evans or Evan. Okadigbo too for some allegation of bribery and Wabara gave up the position but 2016 seem to witness a new dawn in our politics where our first or chief law maker would rather drag the entire country through the indignity of trial than resign and his party cannot bring him to reason.

Such is the state of affairs in Nigeria that international community are watching this soap opera playing out at the court.
What lessons and legacy are we prepared to leave for younger generations and our future leaders?

Every body is presumed innocent until proven guilty but their political position is not a birth right or presumed innocent for it is a Nigerian position for all Nigerians not a sacred Nigerian.

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