Villa sources have told Ekekeee of the culture of bribery and corruption that still goes on within the presidency unchecked; as espoused by Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. David Babachir Lawal.

“He demands money from persons who want to become Director Generals (DGs). He demands bribe from job seekers who are in line to fill the various vacancies in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)”, one of our sources revealed on Thursday night.
“Lawal will promise to sit on your file until you transfer a certain amount of money to his account. He’s Mr. corruption around here and he carries on blatantly and in this in-your-face manner”, we were also told.

Alongside the chief of staff, Abba Kyari, villa sources say Mr Babachir Lawal carries out several dirty dealings within the presidency.

“Kyari and Lawal haven’t abandoned the old ways of corruption in the bureaucracy”, said one villa source. “They’ve been cutting deals left, right and center”.

Online news portal, Sahara Reporters, recently posted that Chief of Staff Abba Kyari only deals with matters in which he or the Nigerian president retains personal interests. The Chief of Staff also sneaks to the UK as soon as president Buhari leaves the villa on foreign trips–for personal business, added the online newspaper.

SGF Babachir Lawal has also been accused of cutting deals with one time Jonathan and PDP financier cum businessman, Arthur Eze.
“He’s greedy”, said another villa source. “If Buhari is really serious about stamping out official graft, he has to begin from his inner circle and SGF Babachir Lawal is as corrupt as they come”, the source added.

“The bureaucracy within the presidency isn’t markedly different from the past in terms of money exchanging hands between government functionaries and the public and that is down to persons like Babachir Lawal”, offered yet another villa source, with a sense of foreboding.

Calls placed to the SGF’s phone number or those of his aides were neither answered nor returned before this story made it to press.

Source: Ekekeee


  1. Enemies of progress, when will you stop this blackmail and focus on issues that will bring about the desired national development. It is really a pity and sad. Pls note that this style of witch-hunt is outdayed. We know who Lawal is, his excellent track record, confidence, boldness and above integrity. This will surely not work, sorry

    • Enemies! Opposition blackmail. I don’t know the SGF, but I know this can not happen under PMB. PMB will never put a corrupt man in that position. Stop this nonsense.

    no one knows the fact about the truth & it’s very hard to convince anyone esspecially# NIGERIANS

  3. May be he went looking for contract or favourite and could not get,so he start blackmail. Leave the nonsense, shame on him.

  4. Dis guy leave hatred. U av never seen anything good about dis regime. It’s obvious u are praying against d success of dis country nd it will never happen. D country need our collective prayers. We are optimist not pessimist

  5. This is an embarrassing, the government should flush out all those appointees, who are sabotaging its efforts of sanitizing the governance.

  6. When someone sit in the comfort of his/her room and cook up nonsense stories that can’t be substantiated, he/she should know that the readers or the general public are not fools. Communicating to enlighten public require proves not baseless and rubbish propaganda. We challenge the writer to produce his/her evidence to all his claims and we will help him publicise it if it’s true… The writer should find something doing and stop being myopic and controversial.

  7. Why single out the name of Arthur eze? Why not others if he is really that corrupt. Yoruba press in action

    • Nonsens if Buhari him safe takes bribe and loot money too. If he said he never Conner more than 1 billion Naira Nigerian money since he entered office as Nigeria president let him come and swear with Koran.

    • Nonsens even Buhari him safe takes bribe and loot money too. If he said he never Conner more than 1 billion Naira Nigerian money since he entered office as Nigeria president let him come and swear with Koran.


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