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Death has defied logic but try as much as I can to understand it but with no answer except to celebrate the life of the deceased person So my auntie Josephine had lived her allotted three scores and ten years and more.
But on April 6 2016 she was called to glory.

This colossal and God fearing woman had a special effect on my life and that was a quest for worshiping of God without much education, she was self educated and who say bible is not a great book for her Lexicon was of Oxford standard and it was so because she immersed herself in reading of that book.

It was in 1971 that I went to stay with my aunt and the first discipline was prayers and reading bible which began at the church Of Bible Missionary church thereafter to Deeper Life Ministry which I attended with her in 1978 as a young man about to almost graduate high school.

Needless to say, that, when I went to study in England courtesy of Rev Dr Hyde Onuaguluchi the impact of that quest for God that my aunt and to worship God was really what grounded my stay in England.

Mrs Emenike had a sister my mom and a brother. Her family hailed from a shanty town called Awlaw somewhere in Enugu State. She was daughter of Winifred and Constance Umebuani who emigrated to Port Harcourt in search of the elusive Nigerian promise of a better life with the attended pitiful of a foreign land albeit in Nigerian.

This reminds me of my heritage when my grandfather Ekpeyoung Onuaguluchi was a young slave take from Achi on his way to slavery but found fame and fortune at Calabar For my aunt and her late husband found fame and fortune in Port Harcourt as they were able to send their five kids Joel, Henry, Tochi, Priscillia (babe we call her) and Micha to the country of the Americas.

These children have represented my aunt and the value she stood for well in America and gave this icon of mine something to be proud of in continually putting God first in their life As a made my journey to Houston for the funeral this weekend of May 22 little did I know that Rev Stephen Akinola of Redemption Ministries would leave the shores of River State to come and officiate at the final journey of my auntie.

I can’t say goodbye aunt but till we meet again Ride on for the Eagle has flown!!!

Emmanuel Onuaguluchi writes from U.S

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