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The bill board governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu who is currently battling to install his stooge, Nasko, as the next governor of his State while he retires to the Senate to avoid going to jail has render the state treasury empty.

One of the means through which money was siphoned we can report was his turbanning alongside his wife by the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti in 2010.

In a memo sent to him by the then Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Dr Muhammadu Yahaya and signed on July 21, 2010, it detailed that “the Ewi of Ado Ekiti, in recognition of the contributions of the Chief Servant to the society has decided to confer on him the traditional title of Otunba Akinjagunla and his wife Yeye Akinjagunla of Ekitiland”.

The ceremony which took place at the palace of the king on August 7th 2010 had in place a committee set up and chaired by the Commissioner for Local Government, Community Development and Chieftaincy Affairs. They were to deliberate on how to see that the ceremony was a huge success. The committee was to submit budget for the government entourage as well as for security and logistics.

After deliberations, they arrived at the sum of N35 million from the State coffer, which was later reduced by a mere fraction. According to them, the sum of N5 million was budgeted to mobilize official entourage while a whooping lump of N8 million was penned down for production of customized gift items. Palace items gulped N7 million while accommodation for was N5 million.

Not done with such wastage, another N6 million was budgeted for fueling of vehicles and flight, after the mobilization money was used for the same entourage. The least sum went to security which was penned as N528,000, which brings the total to N31.5 million.

This outrageous sum was divided between the State and Local Government in the ratio of 50:50

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