Friday , September 24 2021


Secret Reporters

Every year in Nigeria, many people retire or resign from public service thereby creating vacancies that must be filled thus the need to recruit either by electronic or manual application. With technological advancement round the globe, the need to use the electronic system in recruitment has no doubt become a necessity as many government agencies have keyed into the e-recruitment trend with some deploying quality websites, while many like the Nigeria Prisons Service use inaccessible websites built by roadside developers in a bid to pocket huge sums of money budgeted for that and actualize their dubious intents of hand picking and sharing recruitment slots.

Reacting to information and messages from Nigerian citizens concerning the e-recruitment portal of the Nigerian Prisons Service, SecretReporters discovered that the website has been inaccessible to some candidates since the commencement of the recruitment exercise on the 30th of April 2018, obviously due to reasons believed by many to be a clear intent by the Prisons Management to displace some applicants using godfatherism and connections like their counterparts in the Nigeria Police as we earlier reported.

Our reporter in an attempt to register online through the provided portal, couldn’t make it through the registration page for new applicants as he was told “You are not a human” after clicking the signup button.

SecretReporters also learnt from sources within the Prisons Service that the list of candidates needed has been compiled, the e-recruitment exercise they say, was just a mere show to fulfill all righteousness and make the Nigerian public believe that the recruitment actually passed through a due process.

With the unemployment rate in the country constantly on the decline, many Nigerians especially potential candidates who wish to become officers in the Nigerian Prions service are wondering if the portal is actually the correct one or could it be like the NSCDC website back in 2013, where the ‘oga at the top’ will have to come and provide the correct website?

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  1. Jonathan M Bauda

    This alarm came at the right time because i’ve wondering if I got the wrong website, please do something

  2. Benjamin Abiodun

    I can’t even save and print because there is no provision for it at the last page of the online form

  3. Its totally absurd and worrisome how can they tell us they are recruiting and we can’t access the site..this is totally rubbish

  4. i have filled all the necessary document from stage 1(positions) to stage 5(Attachments)but stage 6 which happens to be the last stage(finish)is not responding

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