Thursday , March 23 2023


…Denies sacking of their consultant

Fejiro Oliver

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has debunked the media reports on sacking of their consultants following the speech delivered by Oby Ezekwasili, which lambasted the party.
In an exclusive chat with on Friday, the party National Publicity Secretary frowned at the report stating that such never happened. He wondered why they should sack their consultant when they had nothing to do with the invitation of Oby.
In a calm tone, the APC stated that Oby’s speech was very right as she delivered a talk which bothered on the leadership of the country and not the APC.
When asked about the media report by Churchill Umoren of the pointblank News which reported that they hired Axerold, their American media consultant for a whooping $20 million dollar; the Party spokesman berated those who peddled the report.
“Is there any party today that can give $20 million dollar to a consultant? They are just shooting. You will never know how much they were hired for because there is client confidentiality, but Fejiro, I can assure you that they were not even hired for $1 million dollar, not even two, three or four. How much did APC spend for their entire registration? Has APC spent $20 million dollars since it started becoming a party? They just sit in one place and cook up figures and of course they know that the people they are feeding all these things don’t know difference”, he stated.
When pressed to disclose the real amount paid, the APC stated that due to client confidentiality, they would not disclose the amount spent, but assured that it was not close to a million dollar. Lambasting the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he asked; “how would you even believe that? They think the $20 billion dollars missing is in our pocket? Did they give us part of it? Even if they gave us; we would not use $20 million for consultancy. If we have $20 million dollars, we don’t need to look for any money for our campaign again. Don’t mind them. There is Boko Haram, nobody is talking about it; there is power failure, nobody is talking about it. They are talking about sacking consultant, blaming Oby and spending $20 million dollars. Don’t mind them”, he ended.

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