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Secret Reporters

With the ever-growing fraudulent and illicit activities perpetrated in recent times by most public officers who are supposed to be change agents especially in the eradication of corruption at both State and Federal Ministries, Parastatals etc, without being reprehended in most cases, one could say that indeed the annihilation of corruption in the country will forever remain an “impossible future tense”

One of such fraudulent act is clearly seen in the documents made available to this online news medium which detailed how some top staffs of Delta State Ministry of Lands, Survey and Urban Development (DELSUD) and others embezzle and divert funds into their coffers by uttering forged title documents, by criminally mutilating, removing and destroying land official files at Deeds Registry of the Ministry.

According to the document these agents of corruption already seen as a portent danger and threat to the security of official documents of the government as they incessantly perpetrate this ill of fleecing Tens of millions of Naira from innocent Nigerians who transact Land business in Delta State include Austen Oluka; Ag. Deeds Registrar, Delta State Ministry of Lands, Survey and Urban Development, Mrs Preye Ebitomo; Director of Lands, Delta State Ministry of Lands, Survey and Urban Development, Mr Peter Uchechukwu Ojei, Christopher Okonkwo among others.

Luck ran out on the crime cartel who appear as staff of the ministry in a bid to fulfil their nefarious agenda when they initiated a plan to forge a Certificate of Occupancy in order to sell a land located at Plot 59, Block VII, Phase V, Core Area, Asaba, belonging to Chief Jerry Nkekweshe which he purchased from the original allottee through Mr Austen Oluka to someone introduced by their partner in crime Mr Christopher Okonkwo, a staff of UBA, Asaba Branch.

Mr Austen, with the full support of his cohorts, issued a” pink copy” document over the said Plot of land at No. 59 to one of his corrupt disciples, even when the land has a subsisting Certificate of Occupancy with No. DTSR 17959 registered as No. 12 on page 12 in volume C0246 issued in favor of Mr Saturday Olu the client’s Assignor.

Credible sources within the commission further revealed to SecretReporters that the cartel in their usual style through Mr Austen fraudulently removed the office copy of the Certificate of Occupancy and the history card for the aforementioned land, then allegedly tried to mutilate the Deed Registry Notebook containing the relevant information relating to the resignation of Certificate of Occupancy No DTSR 17959, with a view to destroying the official documents before luck ran out on them.

These frequent uttering of forged Certificates of Occupancy and other official land documents in the Delta State Ministry of Lands, Surveys and Urban Development Asaba, SecretReporters further confirmed is usually carried out through the office of Mr Austen Oluka, the Ag. Deeds Registrar and Preye Ebitomo the Director of lands as the duo who are alleged to be ‘First Class Graduates in Fraud Administration’ perfect the fraudulent documentation at the Ministry of Lands, either by removing the history cards and office copy of the Certificate of Occupancy, the originals allottees of land or sometimes outrightly forge or utter freshly backdated Certificates of Occupancy, to create impression that the Government authorities, erroneously issue two Certificates of Occupancy in respect of the same plot of land.

Austen Oluka the arrowhead of the cartel who is alleged to have carried out this dastardly acts over the years in not less than 100 plots of land in Asaba and its environment has become stupendously wealthy through these fraudulent schemes owing to the fact that as the custodian of the office copies of the Certificates of Occupancy and Deeds, and whose duty it is to also register the Deeds and title documents in Ministry of Lands, he can at will do and undo any official document without no one to question his actions.

Insider sources inside the commission squealed that an investigation was already initiated to root out these bad eggs in the commission as they eagerly await to see the performance of Mr Churchill Amagada who a few weeks ago was appointed the State Commissioner for Lands and Survey.

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