Monday , November 21 2022


Fejiro Oliver

The wine guzzling governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano will be putting finishing touches to his tactical plan of making his estranged godfather, Peter Obi and enemy of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Barring last minute change of plan, the whole of Eastern Nigeria, Abuja and Lagos will be flooded with an anti Obi videos, which will show Obi as a man of various words, especially in forums where he had criticized the President during his growing days as the State governor.

The video clips which is in the custody of the Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) was produced by Mr Egbunam Amuta who according to our sources received a personal call from Willie to produce it with the sum of N2 million even though it cost less than N500,000 to produce such. The video is already being broadcasted six times every day on ABC. The video is meant to make the President hate Obi while giving the mantle of his trust to the champagne governor,

Egbunam we gathered was promised the position of the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the governor since no other staff had the courage to produce it considering their love for Obi, who treated them well as a governor. Egbunam will be given another sum of N200 million alleged the source to mass produce it, while popular marketer Obaino Music will be contracted to market it.

Popularly called ‘Willie Kai Kai’ for drinking too much at getting drunk at times; he has boasted that this video will do the collateral damage to Obi’s reputation in the presidency. He is already in Abuja with his wife on chartered flight to perfect ways of buying over the powers that be in Abuja on his side.

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