Tuesday , March 21 2023


Fejiro Oliver

The Nigeria Police today stopped a sitting of the Rivers State House of Assembly members who have gathered for plenary since the house was sealed and its function taken over by the House of Representatives.

Contrary to false reports on a purported impeachment taking place today against Gov Amaechi, the lawmakers who came for the sitting were 25 out of the 26 core Amaechi loyalists. They were gathered in respect of the court ruling in their favor which nullified the house from taking over their duties; but just as they made to open the complex, the police guarding it descended on them and locked it up again.
The undeterred legislators quietly went to a corner of the Assembly complex to hole their sitting when the police began shooting of teargas and live bullets directly at the lawmakers, who immediately took to their heels shouting and screaming.

The state Commissioner of Information, Ibim Semenitari confirming the incident stated, “It is an indication of the impunity ravaging the country and a clear indication that the PDP under the present leadership has lost all forms of democratic conduct.
They can’t even pretend to wear a mien of civility rather they are practising jackboot governance and repression worse than we have ever seen under the military.”

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