Tuesday , August 16 2022


The Bowen University has sent its students home, and shut down the school indefinitely following students protest last on Wednesday night.
The expensive private university was almost set ablaze by the angry students, who are angered by the school management inability to provide enough power supply as well as water to their hostels.

According to the students, the light is usually not available by 8am and they bring it by 8pm and take again by 11pm, when they need it to read or sleep. The students protested the inhuman treatment meted out to them, while their lecturers cruise in Air Conditioned offices and cars. They are also angered by the management plan to increase their school fees to N600,000 per session, when the school lacks the facility to make them better graduates than their counterparts
All the students have been chased out of the campus, while the few arrested ones are still in police custody.

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