In a deliberate attempt to maneuver the 2017 appropriation budget, Governor Udom Emmanuel ordered that the 2017 budget be taken down from the official government websites; an act which has caused an uproar among the citizenry, and nobody has raised an eyebrow about it.

Secret Reporters investigations show that the budget was previously on the website up until the street protest organized by Barrister Inibehe Effiong against the building of a new governor’s lodge in Lagos. It’s safe to assume that the sudden disappearance of the budget is not unconnected with the protests and figures quoted for the new governors lodge in Lagos which stood at N9 billion (Nine billion naira).

This might be a ploy by the government to include/appropriate money for this white elephant project which has being widely rejected by well meaning citizens and also the “Orange September” celebrations to make the states 30th anniversary of which funds were not appropriated in the years budget.

Staff of the planning office has declined to speak on the matter for fear of being made a scapegoat. All efforts made by our reporters to reach the commissioner of information and other notable stakeholders proved abortive as the they didn’t respond to the phone calls put across nor reply the numerous text messages sent to their phones.


Secret Reporters

All is currently not well in Delta State political circle following revelations by top opposition politician who recently defected to the All Progressive Congress (APC), Dr Cairo Ojugboh and Secret Reporters on how Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa has been secretly running the state without a budget.

Secret Reporters has gathered on good note that Mr Okowa has been unsettled since the news became public and is making moves to quench the raging fire.

On one of such moves, the governor summoned the leadership of the Assembly to stylishly come to Agbor in the guise of attending the ceremony of his Director of Protocol Sister’s wedding, Mr Ifeanyi Eboigbe.

Our insider sources revealed that the lawmakers all gathered at the official residence of the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori to discuss on the budget scandal before entering their official vehicles in twos. Daniel Mayuku entered the official vehicle of the Speaker to Agbor for the clandestine meeting, while the rest went in twos in a convoy of eleven vehicles to the venue. They went after the plenary where the impeached Speaker, Mr Monday Igbuya refused to say the opening prayer when asked to, on the excuse that he wasn’t in a state of grace, narrated our Assembly source.

One of the vehicles sighted going for the meeting bears DTGH 404 green plated number.

At the venue of the wedding, sources reached out to Secret Reporters that Mayuku was nearly carried shoulder high by fellow lawmakers and Okowa’s Commissioners for being able to quickly edit and print out old budget from his computer system to share on facebook, hoping to convince Deltans that he has access to the budget. “Everybody including those corrupt commissioners were just telling Mayuku well-done, you try. Imagine the impunity of Okowa that Mayuku tried to defend”, stated an angry government source. A close look at the ‘budget hurriedly printed by Mayuku shows the first page bearing ‘approved’ while the inside bears ‘proposed’ without the signature of the Speaker under it, thus exposing his bare face lies.

Soon after the wedding, a top government house source confided that Okowa who is still jittery summoned them to Governor’s lodge for midnight meeting, but we are yet to confirm if the meeting actually took place on Wednesday night.

Two days after challenging the State Government to upload the budget, they are still struggling to fill in the blank spaces and send out fake ones to those agitating for it, without plans to upload it on the state website as tradition demands, alleged a high powered source.


Secret Reporters

The Onwanetili-oha of Ibusa, Chief Fred Chijindua Ajudua has written a heartbreaking letter to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of impending oppression to his wife, Princess Pat Ajudua representing Oshimili South in the Delta State House of Assembly by the Senator representing Delta North in the nation’s upper chamber, Mr Peter Nwaoboshi.

In the letter sent to us by a source, Ajudua known to be the one to singlehandedly turn his hometown Ibusa into a town narrated the plot by Nwaoboshi to deny his wife her fourth term in the State Assembly.

“His Excellency I thank you once more for the assistance for my medicals. I make this write-up to you Ekwueme because it’s long overdue. You may not have given me everything I want in government, but the truth is that you have neither despised me nor dishonored me.

As I write this to you, Peter Nwaoboshi is boasting that he has taken one Tony Azuya to you and you have endorsed him to take over from princess Ajudua in 2019. Again that your good self have asked him to declare to PDP on Friday this week and that you will physically grace the occasion in order to actualize that plot”

Expressing his appreciation to the Governor for his past benevolence to Princess, he called on him again to rise up to the occasion.

“Excellency I respect you a great deal and you have not done me any visible wrong. In 2007 you returned Princess with your own money in my absence; in 2011 you never interfered against her ambition. You were sympathetic when Nwaoboshi and his group shot the poor lady.

In 2015 you did not work against her. In your regime, she has remained  the chief whip of the house. You give me audience and financial support anytime you are called upon. I have no cause to doubt your sincerity about princess’s fourth and last tenure to the house of assembly which we have discussed with you and it went down well with you.

That a man believes that he wants to actualize his second term ambition at the Senate while stopping everybody’s ambition is purely a wishful thinking. For a man to say who is FRED AJUDUA, in Delta North because he thinks he has amassed wealth I saw 25yrs ago is to be naive. ‘The point his new found wealth will take him, my own wealth and good will, will take me farther”

Ajudua who is Ibusa most respected and popular person to have come from the town vows to die fighting for his wife’s fourth mandate if it means the last thing he achieves.

“I will not go down without fighting dirty with the last drop of my blood. I will not take this impending assault on my records of what I have done for my people when the likes of Nwaoboshi openly fought us, but you were sympathetic to us in Onu Anioma.

This can as well return me to jail or send me to my grave. I am poised to join his enemies and traducers both in his obvious gluttonous and primitive enrichment at the expense of delta state and the NDDC. In this battle, there will be collateral damages, but I don’t care as long as you are not the target. Your Excellency, I did not ask to be the Governor of Delta state, Senator, member House of Representative, I only ask that my wife be allowed to run for her last tenure in the house of assembly despite all my fight for Anioma land when the likes of Nwaoboshi were pawns in the game of power” he wrote.

In an apparent move to send his wife to the opposition if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) does not give her ticket to fly the flag, he warned the governor of such consequences.

“Ekwueme, yes we have alternatives if pushed to the wall of unacceptable insult and wickedness in the next 30days. Ask ex President Jonathan if his action of saying ‘who is Rotimi Amaechi in 2015 is not regretting today. No matter your position and the money you think you have amassed today, nobody tells his fellow man ‘who are you and what can you do’.

You can only tell the beginning of a battle, but nobody can foretell its end with its casualties and collateral damage. His Excellency I thank you once more and I await to hear from you before I make my next move. I respect you sincerely”, he ended.

Efforts made to speak to Fred and Princess yielded no results as their lines were busy for over thirty minutes.