Fejiro Oliver

We must all build national unity, build all revolutionary forces, into one powerful wave to sweep away our main enemy, political imperialism and economic imperialism. Sukarno

Whatever guts and arrogance popular satellite television DSTV had many years ago died completely two weeks ago in Nigeria. To DSTV, nothing like Pay TV or Pay as you watch. To DSTV, whatever they offered us as Nigerians was simply the best and we dare not complain. To DSTV, we were their cash cows. To DSTV, we are puppets that can be controlled at will and who are we to dare just complain. We are nobody.

All these changed when a new baby entered the stage. All the arrogance was punctured when a new whiz kid came on block and since them the centre in DSTV could no longer hold. The songs of inability to have Pay TV changed as soon as the new baby TSTV came with a bang and took the terrestrial wave by storm with readiness to not just offer Pay as you watch but also gift users with 20gb monthly to browse with.

While in the office today, I was discussing with my colleagues on which of the telecoms Wi-Fi we should buy to enable all staff use, and I was told bluntly to forget about buying any Wi-Fi but to wait for TSTV with their 20gb for us to use. Nigerians can’t wait any longer. The wait for TSTV to berth finally on the satellite soil is like waiting for godot.

Alas this hope may soon be dashed, as TSTV may NEVER launch in life. This waiting may just be in vain, as billions of Naira has been deployed by DSTV to our nation’s regulatory agencies, third party channels and even our National Assembly to stop TSTV from giving us the Pay as you watch that we have long waited for.

This is the bad news and I dare DSTV to prove me wrong. Fellow Nigerians, DSTV as I write has officially written to over twenty third party channels bribing them with billions of dollars to withdraw the rights they initially. That’s not all; some of our National Assembly members have been bribed to also tag TSTV a terrorist organisation simply because the corporate body refused to disclose how they got the rights that threaten DSTV hold on poor Nigerians. It is a well known fact that every business has its cherished secret and it will be suicidal to tell TSTV to disclose how they got access to the rights in their possession. It amounts to telling the Lawmakers to reveal how they won their opponents during the last election.

We are not beyond redemption as a people to allow a South African company in DSTV to come to our own land to milk us dry and allow them kill the only hope of escape from their grip. Our patriotism demands that we rise against DSTV this very moment to stop every plan they have against TSTV launch on November 1st 2017; including rolling out all the channels they have gotten rights for, without interference from DSTV.

It is terrorism to allow DSTV determines the satellite stations that will survive in our country of over N180 million people, when over ten of such stations can operate and still make maximum profits, without bickering. It is a national crime and offence to keep patronizing DSTV with its high rate of subscription when a national carrier in TSTV is offering much more at cheaper rate.

We owe it a duty to break the monopoly of this South African company just as we stood by Globacom when it came into the market to challenge MTN, which led to the freedom of per second calls we are enjoying today. If we can stand in solidarity then with, we should stand stronger now with TSTV. The continuous hold of DSTV on our homes through their monopoly is imperialism that should be stopped and hated by all. We should hold to our chest the words of Sukarno “I hate imperialism. I detest colonialism. And I fear the consequences of their last bitter struggle for life. We are determined that our nation, and the world as a whole, shall not be the plaything of one small corner of the world”.

This is not about Bright Echefu, the Managing Director of TSTV but us a people, one Nigeria that have no choice but to support a Nigeria product to break this monopoly of extortion. We have suffered too much and too long in the hands of DSTV and can no longer suffer again.

As I type, DSTV is planning to jam the frequency of TSTV to stop it from reaching our various homes when it starts to beam. In South Africa, they treat us like thrash; in our own backyard; they treat us like dust. In South Africa, we are treated as animals and in our own land; we are still treated like second class. The same billions of dollars they made exploiting us is same money used in bribing our own nationals to frustrate a project conceived by one of us, that they told us was never possible.

Back home in South Africa, DSTV is fined for irregularities and slammed with millions of Rands to pay for daring for fixing prices without notice to the national regulators, but here in Nigeria, they go scot free, after stuffing those who should regulate them with few millions of dollars, while we bear the arrogance of their impunity.

In South Africa, they dole out millions of dollars to support events while in Nigeria; they scam us into buying products for promo but never end up fulfilling their promises, and dare us to take them to industrial court. We have a lifetime opportunity to call their bluff off and a chance to make them beg for our attention. We are all witnesses already of what to expect if we stop DSTV from going ahead with their corporate fraud of using money to stop third party channels from withdrawing broadcasting rights from TSTV.

The Presidency should immediately summon DSTV and charge them for terrorism. It is a terrorist attack and an infringement of our sovereignty for a foreign organization to jam the frequency of a satellite television owned by a Nigerian. It is a national sabotage to allow this to go unchallenged without getting DSTV to pay for this heinous crime.

If MTN can be cut down to size despite its sense of ownership, that they beg Nigerians with their simcards on the road, disturbing our phones with needless promo messages, simply because we dare them to go to hell and embraced Globacom owned by Nigeria, we can do same to DSTV and see how they crumble like cookies, begging us to get free decoders and only subscribe to their channels at cheaper rates. This can only happen when we rise as a people to support TSTV.

We have a date with history on November 1st, to allow DSTV succeed in using our hard earned money paid over the years through decoders purchase and subscription cause TSTV to come to our homes with all the sports, news, movies, kiddies, religious and music channels or bow our heads in shame sticking with only DSTV. We have a chance with posterity and we alone can choose right. The consumer is king and it’s our right to freely choose the cable to purchase and watch and not DSTV to force theirs down our throats.

And did I tell us what the money DSTV made from us for over ten years has been used for?

Stay tuned as I unravel all the dirty secrets DSTV/GOTV never wanted Nigerians to know. It’s a blockbuster!

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver, an Investigative Journalist, Media Consultant and Human Rights Activist is also the Co-Convener of Coalition of Human Rights Defender (CHORD) and can be reached on +2348022050733 (SMS ONLY) or secretsreporters@gmail.com. Engage him on twitter on @fejirooliver86.



Tanko Yakasai (OFR)

Having been associated with the corridor of power both at the state and federal level in Nigeria, I doubt if the President is such a docile person as to allow his subordinates to manipulate his office the way our media made us to believe. To adjudge an official for corruption, justice demands proof or evidence. Islam enjoins Moslems always to be just. In this regard, I would like to comment on the ongoing discussion on the letter the Minister of state sent to the President complaining of being side-lined by the NNPC GMD, INSUBORDINATION, and contract award without channelling such awards through him as chairman of the NNPC board. My understanding of the issue is that, it is unimaginable to assume such a leak can happen without the knowledge or even consent of the Minister of State or anybody who is the author of such a document.

From the content of the Minister’s letter, it contained series of grievances which appeared to have accumulated. It is a common knowledge that the President has been away for over three months, common sense dictates that such accumulated differences should have been conveyed to the Acting President during the absence of the President.

As I have said earlier, I am familiar with the happenings at the highest level of governance, both when I was a member of my state executive council for eight years and at national level as a Special Assistant to the President for four years. I know for sure that critical communications at the higher level are not normally done through a third party to avoid leakage of information. In view of that, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu’s letter must have been delivered to the President himself thereby eliminating the possibility of a third party knowing the content of such communication.

A leakage in this regard can only come from either Dr. Kachikwu or the President himself. Common sense dictates that the President will not leak such communication to the public particularly as it was carried by almost all the print media immediately after the letter was submitted to the President.

My feeling is that the leakage of the letter is simply made to embarrass the President and create an impression that he is not serious about following due process.

Another point is that some four years ago when I was serving in the Political Thematic group of Vison 202020, I could recall that late Dr. Ibrahim Tahir, raised an issue on the Public Procurement Act of 2007, enacted during the tenure of President Obasanjo, which he felt very strongly about.  Ibrahim Tahir’s strong feeling rose from alienation of the Ministers and the Board of Federal Government Parastatals in the award of contract. His argument is that under the present system, the President, Governor and the Local Government Chairman are the only people mandated by the electorate to serve as Chief Executive Officers of the tier of government they are heading. The constitution, however, empowered them to delegate some of their powers to their subordinates including Ministers and Board of Parastatals. Dr. Tahir felt that it was odd for the Minister and the Board of parastatals not to have a role in matters pertaining award of contracts. Members of that thematic group can testify how vigorously Dr. Tahir tried to converse support to recommend changes in this regard but without success.

To this extent the question of the NNPC GMD side-lining the Minister of State has no justification having regard to the provision of  PPA act of 2006 in PART V — ORGANISATION OF PROCUREMENTS under Accounting officer which states that “

  1. (1) The accounting officer of a procuring entity shall be the person charged with line supervision of the conduct of all procurement processes; in the case of ministries the Permanent Secretary and in the case of extra-ministerial departments and corporations the Director-General or officer of co-ordinate responsibility.

(2) The accounting officer of every procuring entity shall have overall responsibility for the planning of, organization of tenders, evaluation of tenders and execution of all procurements and in particular shall be responsible for:

(a) ensuring compliance with the provisions of this Act by his entity and liable in person for the breach or contravention of this Act or any regulation made hereunder whether or not the act or omission was carried out by him personally or any of his subordinates and it shall not be material that he had delegated any function duty or power to any person or group of persons;

22.—(1) There is hereby established by this Act in each procuring entity a tenders board (in this Act referred to as “the Tenders Board”).

(2) Subject to the approval of the Council, the Bureau shall, from time to time, prescribe guidelines for the membership of the Tenders Board.

(3) The Tenders Board shall be responsible for the award of procurement of goods, works and services within the threshold set in the regulations.

In view of the foregoing, it is clear that the PPA of 2007 does not confer any responsibility on the Ministers and Board of Parastatals on matters pertaining to public procurement.  I am, however, aware that for some time Ministers and members of Board of Parastatals are grumbling over their exclusion in the process of public procurement and award of contract.

On matters of insubordination, the Minister of State’s letter did not give sufficient details to enable an informed judgement by anyone on this matter. According to the Public Service Rules, any case of insubordination should be immediately reported for appropriate action. There is no indication where the Minister has reported the insubordination of the GMD of NNPC to the appropriate quarters.

I am getting concerned at the current trend in Nigeria where a whistle blower is automatically regarded as telling the truth without investigation. I saw this in the case of a member who accused Speaker and members of House of Representatives of budget padding and the media did not subject his allegation to proper scrutiny.

For Nigerians to get it right, the practice whereby the accused is automatically presumed guilty is not in consonance with the principle of that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Fejiro Oliver

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”  Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Disclaimer: I do not write for anyone in this piece as I have never met the principal character of this article in person or ever spoken to him before. This is not a paid piece by person(s) close to him but a personal contribution to put to rest the raging political inferno that the defection has caused, for Deltans and Nigerians to decipher why certain things happened.

Last week Saturday, the mother of all defection in Delta State happened as the illegal former Deputy National of the factionalized Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Cairo Ojougboh packed his belongings, both human and intellectual to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

When a source called me on Wednesday of same week that something big will happen in Ika through Cairo, I thought it was just a normal gathering and even when another source squealed to me that he was defecting, I still didn’t take it serious, until they began to send me the pictures of the event.

As usual, the PDP and Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa’s kindergarten Executive Assistant Media aide, Mr Fred Latimore and the infantile PDP publicity Secretary, Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza went ballistic, pretentiously crying on how Cairo’s defection is a big relief to the state and the party. What a shameless bunch of creatures.

Rather than keep quiet and watch things fizzle away as experience media aides behave in sane clime, Latimore went for the jugular by attacking personality instead of dealing with the reasons posited by Cairo for his leaving the party. Instead of keeping sealed lips and allowing the State PDP Publicity Secretary to issue a response since it’s a party affair; the overzealous aide who cannot differentiate between a Governor’s media man, Government Spokesperson and a Party Spokesman decided to fool himself again.

The very loquacious aide in his wild goose dismissed the defection as irrelevant since Victor Ochei, Ovie Omo-Agege and Ogboru did not come. For a defection that has the Ibe Kachikwu who’s the Minister of Petroleum, Otega Emerhor and the South South Party Chairman and blessings of the three persons he mentioned, no other confirmation is needed that this was an orchestrated plan from above. When we all thought that Ifeanyi was going to be more professional in his reply, he still went crude, attacking the defector than the issues he raised. I will take on each of the paragraph as I wish, to expose the many lies in Ifeanyi piece titled ‘Cairo Ojougboh: A political chameleon’. Okowa should take out time out and check comments made by Deltans on the facebook walls of his media aides on the defection and judge for himself.

In 2014, when Fmr Gov. Rotimi Amaechi led six other governors to defect from the party to then opposition APC, the party bade them farewell as good riddance to bad rubbish. The National PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan media aides attacked them as persons with no political relevance to winning the 2015 elections. Today we are all witness to how the PDP is struggling to play the role of opposition in the country and how Olisa Metuh as PDP Publicity Secretary was silenced till he was finally kicked out, leaving the job for Gov. Ayo Fayose, Gov. Nyesom Wike and Fani Kayode. Even his successor is yet to find his feet.

How do you describe a situation where a party got victory through the instrumentality of the Supreme Court and decree amnesty for the other faction members that lost? Are they militants or criminals that deserve pardon or amnesty? They are party members who felt aggrieved and decided to have their own faction pending the determination of the Supreme Court, but rather than treat them equally; they were made to look like outcasts.

No single form of reconciliation was done. Not a single move for harmonization was done; rather the Non Elective Convention chaired by Okowa systematically ostracized them. No sane politician will stay in such party and be further humiliated. No politician worth his salt will stay in a party where they are seen as ‘Osu’. Not even a baby politician will stay in an already struggling party and allow his ego to be further bruised.

The step then is right by Cairo to pitch his tent with any party and if he feels the APC meets his political interest and aspiration; it’s not worth attacking his person for. What the Governor should do rather than folding his arms like President Jonathan  and be listening to lies, rumors and blackmail stories against people like he has turned himself into, is to look into the grievances of party members and woo them to the party. But No, he has chosen to maintain the ‘siddon look na dog name’ posture and allow his new baby Executive Assistant on Communication and party secretary to throw shades at men whose shoes they cannot unlace politically.

When Chief Paulinus Akpeki defected to the APC, the government and his crèche media team termed him as a spent force who have lost political relevance. But as soon as he was wooed back to secure strategic victory for the Governor in 2019 in Sapele LGA following his cold war with the former impeached Speaker, Rt. Hon. Monday Igbuya; they hailed him as a Daniel come to judgment. Today, he’s the government Chief Strategy Officer! What manner of people are these, without direction and purpose of existence? Like liars and bad losers that they are, they brood over every strong politician they lose, but rather than keep quiet and make silent moves on how to bring them back, they turn to blackmail and names calling.

Cairo listed the wasteful spending of the Paris Debt Fund as one of the ills of Okowa that made him decamp, but the PDP publicity secretary want us to believe that the money was judiciously spent. I will not play the role of the opposition APC to follow how money is spent in the state. Cairo may not be far from the truth as the breakdown of the N10 billion is the most ridiculous and unintelligent I have ever known in all my years of studying mathematics. How the State Commissioner for Information broke down the details and not a single kobo was left in the bank’s account needs immediate auditing. We challenge Okowa to allow the citizen bring independent auditors to audit how the N10 billion was spent and zero Naira was not found in the account it was lodged.

It is most pathetic that Ifeanyi who has good prospect politically started off worse than Lai Mohammed of the APC by brazenly lying on how Okowa has  engaged citizens on how the money accrued to the state has been spent and constantly engaged Deltans in townhall meetings. No Sir, the so called townhall meetings were subtle form of campaigns for second term and no one asked question on how our money has been spent. All the questions asked during the wasteful townhall jamboree were all programmed!

For Ifeanyi to lie before his creator and man that Okowa enjoys “overwhelming support and understanding of our citizens and indeed their decision to invest their trust and confidence in the capacity, capabilities and the honest, transparent leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa” is most uncharitable to him and Deltans. I hope he’s able to look at the mirror after writing the speech and smile at himself? I hope he’s able to pray that God runs his life the way Okowa has run Delta State and say Amen to it? I really hope he can forgive himself when posterity opens the book of records and he finds himself among the sycophants that are leading Okowa to his Gethsemane.

Ifeanyi, Esiso and Okowa should disguise themselves and walk the street of Asaba, Warri, Ughelli, Sapele, Oghara and even his own Agbor, to ask question on his street credibility since he came into power, and compare it with 2014/2015. If he gets 5/10 as his score, I will publicly organize a rally where I will apologise to Deltans and then quit journalism for life to go into farming, just like Okowa advised Delta youths, even when his brothers are not farming but enjoying the state commonwealth. I dare Ifeanyi and his EA on Communication to take up this challenge within one month!

While we cannot wash Okowa’s laudable project in many area, Ifeanyi and the State party goofed by leaving his area of strength to focus on where the governor can easily be punched. According to his write-up, Okowa has “created over forty two thousand direct and indirect jobs, through the YAGEP, STEP, PPSP, Micro Credit Scheme and its Agricultural Initiatives”. Pray, where are these jobs?

We only know the names of such initiative but there are NO success stories attached to any of them. What Okowa has done is to create new set of Ika millionaires to man the Job Creation Office. Simple! The party and government should show us just REAL hundred persons who were trained and empowered by these programmes and are doing well and have employed other persons through it, and I will point out two thousand persons who are currently regretting going for such programme and have been impoverished worse than they were; before they were deceived into applying for it. I have the proofs.

From all that we saw in the Ika defection, it will be self defeating for Okowa and his party to pretend that all is well. From Patani to Warri; from Ughelli to Agbor; it has been loss of popular politicians leaving the party for a safer haven and leaving the party to Okowa who wants to run a one man show and never tolerates dissenting voices. Woe unto him who deceives himself when the worst form of deceit is self deceit. Like we say back then in the University, “He who do he, do he”.

The real Chameleons are Okowa’s aides who praise you today once you are with them and curse you once you leave them, only to hail you as a juggernaut in your field when you are back to their fold. Those who will never sing the songs of sycophancy are quickly issued ban from Government House and any Government premises with instructions to SSS to arrest and charge the person for ‘wandering’ (Only heaven know where such laws come from) whenever they are seen in Asaba.

Cairo Ojougboh has gone, but the real blow is yet to come. During Ovie Omo-Agege’s campaign, one of his slogan was “you dey look am, e dey go”. This is currently the nemesis of Okowa who instead of winning back aggrieved members who left like Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom is doing, Nyesom Wike of Rivers has done and still doing as well as other governors; he’s chasing away the few ones left. It is such a shame that it happened in Okowa’s backyard, right in Ika where he comes from. He has lost every moral justification to tell party leaders to hold their members together when he could not hold his from defecting.

This is the crux of the matter; this is the reality on ground for “Reality denied comes back to haunt.” ( Philip K. Dick).

May his lot not be like Ex Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan who as a Governor of a ruling party could not influence the emergence of his choice successor. Ise.

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver, an Investigative Journalist, Media Consultant and Human Rights Activist is also the Co-Convener of Coalition of Human Rights Defender (CHORD) and can be reached on +2348022050733 (SMS ONLY) or secretsreporters@gmail.com. Engage him on twitter on @fejirooliver86.