Fejiro Oliver

“At the heart of banking is a suicidal strategy. Banks take money from the public or each other on call, skim it for their own reward and then lock the rest up in volatile, insecure and illiquid loans that at times they cannot redeem without public aid”

James Buchan

The month of June is an eventful month. One of its days marks the annulment of the election won by late business mogul, MKO Abiola. It will also be the day that the Federal High Court, Ikoyi will hear the case instituted against us by the Inspector General of Police acting under the criminal influence of their paymaster, Sterling Bank, who ran to them for protection from a N100 million fraud committed by the bank against itself and the customers.

Yes, June 12th will be everything historical for Dennis Ukpabi who blew the whistle in his now famous book ‘The Whistleblower’ and I. It will be the day that the Justice Mohammed Idris court will sit in the honorable temple of justice to determine whether it was a case of fraud published by Secret Reporters or a case of sexual exploits as exist in the warped imagination of the Executive Director in charge of Operation and Services, Mr Yemi Odubiyi and his three puppies namely Eguru Nyenke, Adekanla Desalu and Busola Awosile who still wore her legendary short skirts to the police station the three times I saw her.

Sterling Bank is everything a bank should not be. It is the poster child for financial corruption in the banking sector. It does not only steal from customers but steals from itself. For Sterling, all is fair and fair is all, as long as they make gain in the course of their business. Despite the illegal money domiciled in their vault; it is still a struggling bank that may soon collapse and only deceiving customers that it is a strong bank.

Top corporate bodies such as MRS Oil that has accounts with them has since commenced move to remove their money and move it to Fidelity Bank to avoid stories that touches the heart, but the bank in its known game of scam has been delaying the movement of the cash completely but moving it in bits; fearing that such removal of money from their vault will cripple them. Many other top companies whom I shall mention in subsequent write-ups have also done same.

For a bank currently enmeshed in a N100 million scandal, where they resurrected dormant accounts without the knowledge of the owners to run to their corrupt police partner and dole out customers cash for them to carry out the operations headed by the morally corrupt DSP Kenneth Ogbeifun tells Nigeria that Sterling will do anything to cover up every trace of corruption in the bank.

Ironically, this is a bank that preaches the whistleblowing policies and even dedicated a mail towards that, yet they could not stand a whistle blown against their own staffs which includes Yemi Odubiyi. Is anyone surprised? No! During the raid of its corporate office by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) where they were caught red handed of hiding election funds lodged by Alison Diezani Madueke and the Managing Director, HYemi Adeola was whisked away, Sterling through Odubiyi sent panic mails to all staff in the head office to remain calm and not place calls to anyone on what the bank is going through. They reached out to journalists not to report the ugly incident.

Charles Ogbu, a famous blogger best captured the N100 million fraud when he said “A fraud took place in Sterling bank. The fraud was busted by a staff of the bank in conjunction with a blogger, named Fejiro Oliver. The bank acknowledged this and even sacked those involved and suspended one.

The same people who were sacked by the bank for fraud now went to the police and lodged a complaint of cyber stalking against the two guys who exposed their fraud, the same fraud for which they were fired and one suspended by the bank.

By law, the duty of the police is fighting crime. Fraud is crime. It is a crime against both the victim and the state.

Ironically, the same police whose constitutional duty is fighting crime such as fraud now decided to overlook the crime of fraud commited by the sacked/suspended staff of Sterling bank and charged the two guys who exposed the fraud. The police didn’t just charge them to court, they were criminally inept enough to even oppose their bail application even when their alleged offence is bailable.
Beyond appalling, actually.

How do you explain a situation where the police will prioritise anything over and above their main duty of fighting crime??

Here, the case of fraud has been established. The car that was fraudulently won by the ex bank staff was even retrieved by the bank.

There is something called Public Interest for goodness sake. And according to this thing called Public Interest, this case of fraud and prosecution of the alleged fraudsters should take priority for crying out loud!

In a nutshell, fraudsters are now the ones using the police to prosecute those who exposed their fraud.

Quite frankly, this country is too primitive for some of us”.

That explains it all. The banking sector has been shrouded in enough secrecy for too long and this is time to unravel all the dirty dealings in the bank. This is the time to make the bank open their records on other crimes that they have swept other the carpets. Sterling Bank has taken a ‘bold’ step that we encourage by going to court to challenge the fraud exposed.

No joy can be sweeter than having Adeola and Odubiyi stand in the dock for questioning on their roles in this internal N100 million scam and other crimes committed by the bank. For the first time, Nigerians will be seeing a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a dying bank giving details on how the bank was able to move a staggering $200 million in 2015 to an account. It is a story that will break the internet when we reveal it.

We are more than elated to have Odubiyi tell Nigerians his special interest in Eguru and Adekanla. Graciously enough, the telecommunication still have all their voice calls and SMS exchanges that will be presented before the world. Sterling Bank cannot stand before Nigerians and demand that we bank with them, when their directors like Odubiyi runs a personal account worth staggering millions of Naira and driving the latest automobile in town when his salary cannot afford such. For a bank that lacks integrity, Nigerians money and company hard earned finances are not safe with them.

Every Nigerian worth his salt should immediately begin to withdraw their little savings from the bank to a more credible one in order not to gnash their teeth like the day of rapture. Societe General Bank started like this and the result is what we all saw. Sterling Bank has defied all ethics of the financial world and its downfall will be worse than SGB. To continue to keep two dishonest bankers within their midst who confess to a crime is the very height of thievery and covering of fraud among junior officers in the corporate world.

State Governments who maintain accounts with Sterling should instruct their Accountant General to move their accounts to a bank where honesty and integrity is treasured above sexual gratification, nepotism and favoritism. Thankfully enough, Delta State has since moved substantial amount of DESOPADEC funds with them to another bank, knowing that the bank was used for money laundering during the last political administration.

As we move to cleanse the banks beginning with Sterling; we look forward to more taking the steps that Adeola and Odubiyi began. We look forward to having hundred SANs defend them as they mount the dock. We look forward to stripping them of the cloak of integrity they pretend to wear when they are only borrowed robes. Yes, we look forward to removing every cloak of financial uprightness for Nigerians to see them for who they truly are. We look forward to having the numerous sacked staff by Odubiyi and Eguru looking into the eyes of the sack master and financial terrorists and tell the world who they truly are. We look forward to every court moment for legal fireworks and journalists having true investigative stories on how Sterling has beclouded our eyes for long on their financial misdeeds

As the battle for the restoration of pride to the banking world begin, we welcome Sterling to the field of play and wish them doom as they meet their waterloo in this epic legal battle.

Court Rise…

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver is Editor In Chief of Secrets Reporters News, Investigative Journalist, Media Consultant and Human Rights Activist can be reached on +2348022050733 (SMS ONLY) or Engage him on twitter on @fejirooliver86.


Norbert Chiazor

FEJIRO OLIVER! Fake name. Fine writer. That is the beginning of the puzzle. Why would a promising journalist with fastidious and incisive intellect write under pseudonym?

Born ethnic Urhobo as Tega Oghendoro, self styled fejiro Oliver, a loud lad in his 20s befuddles more in looks – tiny like ramrod and fragile like Rhodesian gazelle. But his opaque and effeminate personae would vanish pronto in vagueness, once you encounter the boy behind the mask.

Fejiro Oliver is the enfant terrible of cyber journalism. Shockingly bold and terrifyingly blunt. Never timid or tired, his heart is neither faint nor fickle. He has stamina both in body and brain.

As a younger colleague who defer to me in deep unpretentious respect, I reckon Fejiro with fond attention. Read him in print or online media, he stuns. Juxtapose Fejiro’s journalistic endeavours with the embarrassing syntax and semantics disasters we see every day among many of his ilk on the social media and you got me!

A product of sound education, his writings are tinged with logic, depth, research and ornate brilliance. E’ boy ina kaka bor ye school (This boy truly went to school) – As the Binis would say. Mentored and encouraged, he would surely rise to be the best editor VANGUARD, THISDAY or better still THE GUARDIAN, would ever have on record.

But then, I hold an open view even to Fejiro that he is too extreme and unconventional. By consequence, his crusades ever unrestrained make him susceptible to allegations of blackmail and cyber media terrorism. However, the onus of proof is on those who often accuse him of yellow journalism.

But he has an Achilles’ heel. He dares too much like Okonkwo in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Could it be exuberance or energy that goes with the morning of virgin youth? Perhaps, he is enamoured with the big bug of all leftists – iconoclasm like queer but no nonsense egg head, Wole Soyinka who stormed a Radio station with a gun! So relieved that Fejiro only deploys something less frightening but even mightier than a gun – Pen, in his endless riot against the establishment. Now he is in trouble again for his virulent verses. In Lagos prison!
The details are still sketchy but we hear he is in detention for helping to amplify the story of a whistle blower out to expose bank fraud. Ludicrous! What a strange offense? We thought whistle blowing is the best patriotism under President Buhari’s CHANGE agenda. This government self. Fela!

It is a doubtful conjecture whether this incarceration would change Fejiro to mellow. This is not the first, second or third time he would have a brush with the authorities. He seems to covet courage under Fire. Possible, I would have volunteered to spend time to counsel Fejiro all night, on the cold floor of his dingy prison: Nigeria is not worth dying for, no thanks to the thankless fate of Dele Giwa, et al.

I witnessed Giwa’s rites of passage with a friend Dele Ailemen in 1986. He was abandoned in a forest in Ukpekpe Ekperi village, near Adams Oshiomole’s homeland. Dan Agbese, journalist – poet, later wrote a haunting dirge “We left Dele Giwa in the bush.”

Good enough Fejiro has every reason to live. Long he will. He has a teenage wife and I guess, a toddler. She needs his love and more babies! Brilliant babies that would do better than him in life to change Nigeria for good.

Court please rise and FREE Fejiro.

Nobert Chiazor is the Chairman of Delta State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists.


Olugbodi Daniel

If you don’t learn from history, you are heading for perdition”. I have read books on incidents that led to the Biafra war and those about the Biafra war. Truth is the only thing that can heal wounds and no matter who it hurts, we must tell it. After cross checking facts with interviews, excerpts and videos, I chose these books as my references; Why we struck by Major Wale Ademoyega, The tragedy of victory by General Alabi Isama (widely accepted by soldiers who fought on both sides as one of the most accurate story of the war), Nigeria by Peter Obe, The Biafra story by Frederick Forsyth and the real story of Nigeria on youtube.

The January 15 1966 coup can be properly labeled as the genesis of the political strife in Nigeria. The coup was actually planned by eight Majors as against five that was generally believed; (Col Ben Gbulie author of Five Majors and Wale Ademoyega buttressed this in their books) Majors Kaduna Nzeogwu the leader, Chris Anuforo, Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Timothy Onwuatuegwu, Adewale Ademoyega, Humphrey Chukwuma, Capt Emmanuel Nwobosi and Don Okafor. It important to note that Nnamdi Azikiwe was President of Nigeria then, Nwafor Orizu was senate President and had the powers of the President when Zik was not around while Aguyi Ironsi was head of the army. Aguyi Ironsi forced other politicians to resign after the coup to pave way for the then senate president; Nwafor Orizu and he in turn manipulated Orizu to “invite” the military to govern.

Casualties of the coup were Tafawa Balewa the Prime Minister, Ahmadu Bello the Sadauna of Sokoto, Samuel Ladoke Akintola the premier of the west, sir Okotie Eboh, senior military officers killed include Brig. General Samuel Ademulegun and civilian wife, brig. General Shodeinde, K Mohammed, Mai Malari, Unegbe, Pam, Largema. No Igbo was killed in the coup despite having them in politics and the army; one of the main reasons why the coup was termed Igbo coup. After the coup, Igbos in the north which were more of the elites were rubbing the salt in on the northerners by openly carrying despicable pictures of the Sardauna; the Premier of Northern Nigeria.
On assumption of power, although Aguyi Ironsi arrested some of the coup plotters, no severe judgment was meted out on them except they went sent to prison. On the contrary, some officers were promoted with Igbos more in number. There was uneasy calm but nobody knew when the counter coup will come. When it did came, Ironsi was killed in Ibadan alongside Adekunle Fajuyi. Contrary to belief, T Y Danjuma did not want them to be killed but the soldiers he commanded went against his instructions. Pogrom against Igbos and south minorities started in the north in retaliation against the civil populace where many lives was lost.

Brig General Shodeinde was the most senior military officer but the northern soldiers refused to take orders from him which made him to flee and Col Gowon became the head of state. Ojukwu was not happy with the arrangement because he was senior to Gowon himself. Biafra was declared and the war began. Some people rightly advised Ojukwu against secession including Yoruba officers who fought on the Biafra side but he didn’t see reasons with them, people like General Philip Effiong, Fola Oyewole (Reluctant rebel), Ademoyega, Njoku and Adeleke. Their reasons were that apart from the fact that they were ill equipped for war, they believed secession was not the best response to the problem.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s role in the war; his motive was for the war to stop! He was on the federal side and you do everything needed to win the war to your side. He advised the then Federal Government not to allow food materials get to southeast to force the war to a quick end by hunger. If you are relying on your enemies for food, what kind of sovereignty are you anyway? Awolowo was the first non Igbo that Ojukwu told of the war and he advised him against it because it was ill timed and will be dangerous to prosecute it. It is worthy to note that in the condolence register on behalf of Awolowo, Ojukwu wrote “the President we never had”. Awolowo was not power drunk as touted, because he resigned from Gowon’s cabinet when he reneged on relinquishing power to civilians.
The non speaking Igbo minority tribes were badly treated by the Biafran soldiers which made them to later switch allegiance to the Federal side. Propaganda was a major instrument the Igbos employed during the war, and one of their claims was genocide against Igbos. This claim was not truly verified as there were casualties on both sides. But because the war was fought more in Igboland, their casualty level was more than the federal side. Ojukwu should take the blame for people’s death just like present agitators who send less informed people to their untimely death.

By and large, years after the war, Ojukwu declared Biafra dead. What have we learnt?
The Igbos real enemy is from within. The cry of marginalization is false. What has their leaders been doing to better the lot of the common man? The truth of the matter is all the tribes in Nigeria has been marginalized at some point in time by the elite. During the six year reign of Goodluck Jonathan, while Igbos had good appointments that didn’t translate to regional development, Yorubas were marginalized but they never clamor for secession. They put their house in order and went for alliance which paid off for them.

The Igbos have not mastered the art of Nigerian politics yet. It is a game of numbers still. Twice one of their own contested for Vice President and they didn’t vote them. Even Ojukwu lost gallantly in igboland. Most appalling was a statement made about a candidate in the last general elections that “although he is the best candidate but he is from a wrong part”.

What does the Igbos stand to gain from Biafra that they can’t gain from Nigeria? Considering the fact that most of their businesses has to do with importation, how will they get their goods to Biafra? What is the IGR of the five eastern states put together? They are not in the first five while Lagos’ IGR alone equals that of thirty-two states. What becomes of the lot of Igbo elites who has big businesses in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt? Sincerely they stand to gain far less. Imagine the thought of collecting visa before visiting other part of the nation or been seen as a second citizen in other part of the nation. The voices of few extremists must not be confused for the desire of the larger populace. Self determination that will only serve to massage the ego of irrational beings should not be encouraged.

However, there are better ways to go about it if any section of the country wants to go which must not obstruct the right of another citizen who does not support secession. Trading blames, falsehoods, threats, name calling, outright act of lawlessness will gather more enemies than friend for the course.

In conclusion, smaller countries have insignificant relevance in world politics. The reason why Nigeria is still reckoned with in the world is due to her human resources from a large population. United States of America, china, India, Malaysia, Korea etc are all taking full advantage of their population to maintain world relevance. We all stand to gain more as a nation than fragments of irrelevant nations.