Since the victory of Buhari and his subsequent official inauguration on 29th May,2015 as the Nigeria duly elected president under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress (APC). It would be recalled that Buhari had made a stunning declaration even during campaign period that his administration will fight corruption which he had described as a cancer worried by the poverty and the unfortunate economic doldrums as a result of the twin evil of corruption.

Soon after he took over, Buhari priorities the fight against corruption with wide-range of support from the National Assembly to set the pace including various groups indicating their supports against corruption.

Similarly, fighting corruption appears to be the yardstick behind the electoral victory of APC administration in all ramifications through the party’s change mantra which was meant to provide a sense of belonging to Nigerians bedevilled by the negative scourge of corruption as enshrined in its blueprint.

Same was said to have been chorused by various APC governors, ministers as well as stakeholders in support of President Buhari to fight corruption and that brought to the fore the current investigation in relation to the current arms gate scandal against the former National Security Adviser during president Jonathan reign including many others that were said to have been involved and are currently being investigated by the EFCC.

But, this combine effort of Buhari and stakeholders appears to be facing a serious set-back in Bauchi state when recently one Yakubu Alhaji Jibrin, a general secretary of anti-corruption group in the State was arrested and arraigned in court.

The Bauchi State Police Command under the alleged directive of the Bauchi State Government following an open letter addressed to President Buhari and the Speaker Bauch State House of Assembly to investigate what it describe as financial crimes and misappropriation against governor Mohammed Abubakar.

According to the police spokesperson, one of the persons, Yakubu Alhaji Jibrin was arrested by Police detectives attached to the State Command arrested one on December‎ 28th, 2015.

Mohammed added that the arrested person and others at large were charged to the Chief Magistrate Court II Bauchi on December 29th, 2015.

He said that the offence they committed is contrary to sections 96,114,416 of the Penal code Law and Section 1 sub section 1(a)(b) of official secret Act, CAP 03 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (2004).

The police had charged the accused of publicizing purported government documents before the court.
However, following a chat with a senior police officer who pleaded anonymity, he said; “the Bauchi State Police Command, erred in its arrest of Yakubu Jibrin. This is because except for criminal cases, the Bauchi State Police Commissioner who the State Police Command is under, need to get clearance from the Kano State Commissioner of Police since the accused Yakubu is resident in Kano.”

In fact he told this medium Bauchi Police Command supposed to show the arrest warrant to the Kano State Police Commissioner and until he approves it for onward arrest that the Bauchi Police will only do so.

However, this medium learnt that the Bauchi Police Command never followed all this procedures, infact this medium gathered that the Bauchi State Police stormed all Yakubu’s residence in a Gestapo and Commando style, as they were heavily armed as if Mr. Yakubu is a Criminal wanted by them, even when the case is civil case.

To make it more worse, this medium learnt that the Police Command was on that visit of arrest in company of the men of the State Security Service, SSS.

The questions that remains to be answered by the Bauchi State Police Command and Bauchi State Directorate of the SSS, are these; why will the SSS accompany the Police for this arrest?, why didn’t the Bauchi Police Command get their arrest warrant cleared by the Kano Police Command, since it was not a criminal case.

Why were the Police heavily armed during the arrest making it look as it Yakubu is a Criminal?

It would be recalled that the group had in a statement last Monday alleged that, that its General Secretary, Yakubu Jibrin has been arrested by the police in Kano following an advertorial on Daily Trust newspaper and other medium urging President Buhari and the Speaker, Bauchi State House of Assembly to investigate Governor Abubakar for financial crimes thereby presenting several documents to support their claims.

The group’s President Dogon Taro Bibi had condemned the arrest and arraignment of the group’s General Secretary as he described as a set-back to Buhari fight against corruption which is one of the administration priorities. He also urged stakeholders and civil society groups to wake-up and fight the cause against Corruption.

It was gathered that the arrest of Yakubu Jibrin has attracted serious criticism with several anti corruption and youths groups from Bauchi threatening to stage peaceful protest against the Police and Abubakar, apparently to justify their anger against ugly trend saying the current Buhari administration is serious about free flows of information in line with democratic norms and values.

Leader of the youth group Adamu Ahmed had said, the intimidation of the group against corruption signifies a move to frustrate Buhari’s attempt in fighting corruption explaining that there is no room for corrupt politicians as the youths will not relent in their efforts to seek for the release of the accused under Police detention even when his counsel is seeking for bail regarding poor health conditions.

Abubakar is allege to be under serious attack in the state for falling to appoint Commissioners and other political aides to enhance delivery of government programmes attributing same to paucity of funds, yet have continued to embark on the construction of road projects worth billions which is expected to be approved by the executive council in line with due process and procurement act as claim by the APC administration.

Feelers said, the recent intimidation of the anti-corruption group is a pointer that Abubakar may not enjoy the support of the electorates comes 2019 elections even when he has promise to traced funds allegedly looted by corrupt politicians in the last administration.

However, instead of working in concert with anti-graft agencies to make sure corrupt past government officials are arrested , he is allegedly arresting members of anti-corruption groups thereby allegedly frustrating Buhari fight against corruption with the current alleged support he gave to Bauchi Police Command in their latest act.


Less than a year after his predecessor was replaced due to a two million dollar case, the Acting Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS),Mr Femi Akingbade is in trouble over large scale contract scam involving contractors working with the scheme.

The Executive Secretary is alleged to have launched a vicious campaign to illegally replace existing licensed contractors with new ones while flagrantly disobeying court orders secured by one of the illegally delisted health providers.

A statement by a civil society group,Health Monitor Alliance signed by its Coordinator,Abubakar Umar alleged that Akingbade has since taking over, embarked on a journey of victimization, intimidation, campaign of calumny and selfish vendetta against targeted contractors in the Health Insurance Scheme.

“His predilections are covert and surreptitious move at corruption, self-aggrandizement and enrichment at the expense of Nigerians on the health insurance scheme, exchange and replacement of quality with mediocrity. This is a man who has no experience, practice or expertise in health or in health insurance. The mismatch of his background and the aims and objectives of the NHIS has resulted in an ongoing “purge” in the Scheme.

“Recently, the Acting Secretary has embarked on a vendetta aimed at removing or terminating the contract of performing contractors and replacing them with contractors and companies to which he has close links.

“We reliably gathered that one Premium Health Limited, one of the Contractors whose contract was terminated that, is a company that has been working with the NHIS with outstanding track records for over ten years. The Company never had any disagreement with the NHIS until the appointment of the Ag. Secretary who purportedly terminated the Company’s contract under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

“The irony of the matter is that the Ag. Secretary immediately clandestinely transferred all the clients of Premium Health under the health scheme to new contractors who are his allies without due process and against procedure.

“Consequently, Premium Health instituted a Suit at the FCT High Court, Abuja, against NHIS challenging the purported unlawful termination of its contract. Hon. Justice V.B. Ashi issued an Order in 18th December, 2015 directing the Acting Secretary and the NHIS to maintain status quo, desist from doing anything that that may affect the rights of the company under the scheme or take away/transfer the Company’s clients under the scheme to any other contractor(s).

“Most importantly, the Court ordered the Acting Secretary and the NHIS to pay the sum of N440, 000,000.00 (Four Hundred and Forty Million Naira) to the Court Registrar; the sum being payment due to the Company for the last quarter of 2015.

“The Ag. Secretary has flatly refused to comply with the court orders issued even though his lawyer was in court. He disbursed payments to some contractors on the Scheme for the last quarter of 2015 but refused to pay the said sum to the Court Registrar in flagrantly disobedience to Court Orders.”

“It is a great disservice to the nation and innocent Nigerians on the National Health Insurance Scheme for the Ag. Secretary to disobey a Court Order that borders on the security of the health of these Nigerians. The actions of the Ag. Secretary in this regard exhibit recklessness, impunity and disregard for the rule of law”,the statement noted.

The group called on the Presidency to probe the activities of the acting Executive Secretary before he destroys the NHIS.


MacDonald Onu

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State and former Governor Sam Egwu on Wednesday openly narrated how they outwitted the immediate past governor, Martin Elechi and his allies, to emerge victorious in the April 2015 elections.

They said during a thanksgiving service by Egwu, who is the current Senator representing Ebonyi North senatorial zone, in Umuebe in Ohaukwu Local Government Area that they formed a prayer quartet and handed over their struggle to God.

While Egwu, who was the first to disclose this, described Umahi as the arrow head of the struggle,the Ebonyi governor said Egwu’s wife, Eunice, was their consultant.

The senator disclosed that a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim and the deputy of the state, Kelechi Igwe, were the other two members of the quartet.

He told the large gathering which included Anyim and members of the Ebonyi State Executive Council that they found out that Elechi was opposed to his candidature and that of Umahi because he wanted his inlaws to occupy the two positions.
The Senator said, ” I remember a particular day,myself, Pius Anyim,David Umahi, and Kelechi Igwe sat down in the dining room of the former SGF(Anyim) and we prayed about our mission.

“We asked God to support us in the mission we had embarked upon. We knew it was very difficult but we committed it into the hands of God. Four of us prayed that we were going by the grace of God to contest the elections; we prayed that Engr.David Umahi becomes the governor of Ebonyi State; myself to be the senator and Kelechi Igwe to be the deputy governor.
“Of course, senator Anyim said he was not going for any position,but he would solidly be behind us.”

Egwu, who thanked God for answering their prayers, hailed Governor Umahi and
Senator Anyim whom he described as the force behind his victory, and the face of the struggle in Abuja.

He called on political office seekers to always seek God’s endorsement.

Umahi, in his remark, also narrated the struggle with former governor Elechi,even after he (Elechi) was advised by the the Nigeria Governors’ Forum to allow Egwu and himself to contest the elections.

He disclosed that after their prayers at SGF’s home, they became stronger and more determined to contest the elections.

The governor said, ” We can’t thank you enough our dear Senator Anyim; we can’t thank you enough. You got all the important personalities to help us; you also brought the funds needed alongside with your friends.

“At a time, we were more interested in former governor Egwu going to Senate than myself going for governorship position.”

He praised Eunice Egwu for lending her support to the struggle, adding that she was their main political consultant.

Senator Anyim said he was elated because their prayer for Umahi to become the governor of Ebonyi State and for Egwu to become a Senator was answered by God.