Former Commissioner for Information in Akwa Ibom state, Mr Aniekan Umanah, since leaving office last year, has been involved in series of controversies with the latest being his reign of impunity in Abak LG and it’s citizens.

A credible source, Mr Zion Umoh who is an indigene of Abak LG but resides in the United States of America revealed to our reporter how Mr Aniekan Umanah swindled Abak LG council. He claimed he wants to build a Police Station on the site of the Cenotaph in Abak, but instead built a recreation centre/lawn tennis court accessible only by himself and his immediate family.

Instead of building the Police Station on the site agreed by him and the Council Boss, he selfishly reneged on the agreement and went ahead to build the recreation centre which is not beneficial to the indigenes of the LG because the venue is always under lock and key.

The proposed Police Station has been built on another location on the same street instead of the earlier agreed location thereby robbing the LG of a large expanse of land.

Such act would be described as dishonesty and thievery by the former commissioner who has also cordoned off an entire street with a gate which is always locked and leaves the residents of the street stranded, and named the whole street after his late father.

He has also reportedly taken possession of every landed property on the street having renamed it after his late father.

According to Mr Zion Umoh, several top shots from the LG have been silenced with large amounts of money doled out by the former commissioner at the detriment of the citizens of the area.

Our reporter visited the locations of each of these contentious projects and confirmed them to be true. The historical cenotaph had been relocated to the Local Government council as against the earlier agreed location it was supposed to be cited due to the cunning and dubious nature of the former commissioner.

Citizens of the area are crying out for help by the state government and non seems forthcoming as the powers that be are actually powerless and can only watch from afar.

Attempts to reach Mr Aniekan Umanah proved abortive as he didn’t respond to calls or SMS sent to his phone.


Secret Reporters

Things fall apart, the center no longer hold, men’s anarchy upon men is loosed upon the staff working in the office of the Acting Governor of Delta State, Mr Kingsley Otuaro. This was the cries from some members of the Deputy Governor of Delta State convoy team over the continued short changing of largess by some aides of the Delta State Deputy Governor without his knowledge. Otuaro is currently the Acting Governor of the oil rich state, as the State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa is on leave.

Secret Reporters insider sources in the office of the Deputy Governor revealed that some members of Otuaro’s Convoy team threw blows in a free for all public fight over a misery sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) given to the full convoy team by the Ondo State Commissioner for Lands & Survey in Akure, during an amnesty program on Thursday, 9th November, 2017, held in Ondo State.

According to one of our sources, the money was handed over to the ADC to the Acting Governor, Sergeant Ade by the Commissioner for the team, but the sharing formula and shortchanging of some persons led to the free for all fights, while the Protocol and Press unit teams were not considered, while sharing the money.  Even some political appointees who insisted on being part of the largess were not left out in the fight.

We gathered authoritatively that the almighty Protocol Unit that is usually known for shortchanging other units especially the Press, Security and Bomb Units was a victim of the ADC, Sergeant Ade high handedness.

Our source noted that this is not the first time that aides of Otuaro will be shortchanging other assumed smaller and un-influential units and departments of the office especially the press and bomb units who have been a major victim of this man inhumanity to man.

It was alleged that even the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Governor, Steve Eruoto,  in one of the presentation of staff of Office assignment, in Umukwata in Ukwuani collected the sum of N120,000 from the Personal Assistant to King of Umukwata, meant for the press claiming that, he will give the money to them as he was the boss in charge of the entire team, but till the time of filling this report, nothing has been heard about the money, narrated a source to us. No member of the team has dared ask him for fear of being dealt with. Even monies meant for other journalist who covered the event was allegedly collected by the Deputy Governor aides

“The Protocol unit is full of chronic liars that go about using the name of the Deputy Governor to obtain any visitors or proposed ones seeking for government attention or favors” stated one of our sources. The source further revealed that the Press and Bomb Units fear the Protocol Unit so much because of its closeness to Otuaro.

The source also stated that how the Deputy Chief of Staff got involved in these racketeering is still a surprised to all members of the convoy.

We were also reliably informed that at the recent presentation of staff of office in Patani, money meant for both Protocol and press was collected by aides of the Deputy Governor from the Council Chairperson, Hon. Abeki. These aides in collaboration with the Deputy Chief of Staff has continued to pocket money of appreciation meant for the team, even that of the Deputy Governor himself is also collected without his knowledge. They used his names to dupe anyone who passes through them to see the number two man of the State.

Our source noted that the aides, especially the top ranking ones close to the Deputy Governor has continued to undermine the simplicity, generous and fatherly nature of the Delta State deputy governor, to wreck havoc on other smaller non influential units. “They will approach Oga on behalf of other units, and when the money is released, it will never get to the hands of the smaller non influential units”, a source confided in this newspaper.

Our source revealed that a complete showdown is eminent in the Deputy Governor’s team as some aides who felt being sidelined and shortchanged in the scheme of this cabal sharing of money, vowed to expose this wicked act to the deputy governor. To make good their threat, they exchanged blows in Warri, close to Otuaro’s house over the N500,000 largess.

The source also disclosed that one of the security personnel attached to Otuaro once threatened to shoot some members of the Aides especially the protocols.

“Ade, a well known drunkard dare eat my money I will report him to Oga. Can’t he behave like the Convoy Commander who everybody loved “lamented one of the security personnels to our source.

All efforts made to reach the Deputy Chief of Staff on his mobile number 08035433*** proved abortive as his line was perpetually switched off, while SMS sent to him was not replied to before press time.


Secret Reporters

Additional report by Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

It is better for a herd of sheep to be headed by a lion than for a group of lions to be headed by a sheep. A leader is always made of steel, to blend the qualities of firmness and rigidness. And when a leader is blind and insensitive to matters arising under his nose, he tends to lead his people blindly.

The Presidency of Nigeria has not been accountable and credible to Nigerians. Credible sources from the presidency told Secret Reporters about Buhari’s appointment of Mohammed Dauda as DG of the NIA. This is beginning to create frictions in the Presidency between Baba Gana Kinigbe and Abba Kyari with his cohorts.

Another intriguing issue is the $250m belonging to the NIA. It was revealed to Secret Reporters that Abba Kyari wants to restrict Dauda from operations. Coupled with this he appointed a committee to teleguide him. This development raised dusts, thereby leading to questions about the true story of the Ikoyi money.

From this, it is obvious that the toughness which the President claims to have is nothing but a veneer disguising his true self. A close source to the President confirmed to Secret Reporters that the President is cottony in nature, and docile to the point of being easily manipulated. Buhari has failed woefully to act on those destroying the Presidency from within. This is ironical because the President Nigerians voted has betrayed the voters trust and shattered the goodwill of his party.

Another contending issue is the failing of the final promotion examination twice by Buhari’s State Chief of Protocol, Lawal Kazaure. It was alleged that prior to the commencement of the last promotion examinations, a letter came from the office of Abba Kyari ordering the halting of the examination. This happened after the arrival of all the candidates for the examinations.

Highly reliable sources in the Presidency told Secret Reporters that the acting Director General in Charge, Arab Yadam took the letter to Buhari, imploring him to make the examination hold as much effort and planning had been put into it. As an urge, he told Buhari that the competence and level of preparedness of officers cannot be determined if they are not made to face the examination. In reply to this, Buhari said that he issued no such orders and told the DG to go run his service.

These are just drops amongst the oceans of damages being wrought on institutions and systems by Abba Kyari.

It is interesting to know that the National Security Adviser, Moguno, is kept in the dark about everything.

The scramble for power in the presidency is ridiculous and shitty.  Someday, it will be said in history that Abba Kyari was the most destructive and cankerous Chief of Staff in Nigeria’s history. Contrastingly, it can be authoritatively said by Secret Reporters that men like Lawal Kazaure are rookies when it comes to this.

The whole Presidency is filled with bias, tribalism, partisan politics, nepotism, cronyism, godfathering and mediocrity. It is saddening that they determine the direction Nigeria is headed to. And with this, Nigeria is headed to doom and straight rock bottom- an abyss of failure.