…Borrowed money to pay workers

Fejiro Oliver

Less than 75 days for the Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan to bid farewell to Unity House; he has concluded plans to frustrate the incoming government through fraudulent employment of workers into the Delta State Civil Service. Unless Deltans and Nigerians cry out against this fraud, the next government for four years will be unable to do anything meaningful with its resources.

Mr Uduaghan who has deliberately refused to release the names of those who applied since 2013 and wrote exams in 2014 suddenly made a U-turn when he directed the Civil Service Commission boss to get the list published in a national daily.

What is however the shocker is that 98% of those whose names appeared never wrote the exams neither were they ever available for the job. Authoritative sources revealed that out of the 1800 names shortlisted, only 940 names will be taken with the governor hijacking 900 of them to share to his cronies and concubines relatives in what an analyst described as “amorous farewell nepotism jobs”, while the remaining 40 were handpicked by the commission boss, and just like Uduaghan, he packed charlatans into the position, with claims that oral interviews will be conducted before the jobs are eventually given out.

Even though Uduaghan has severely denied having slots in the employment saga, sources close to him tag him the king of employment racketing in Nigeria. Investigations carried out exclusively revealed that none of those who genuinely applied from Sapele Local Government has his/her names on the list, giving a clearer indication that unlike in the past were top political shots dictate who gets employed; the governor alone this time was the alpha and omega. This same style was used by fmr. Gov. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State who began employment two months to the expiration of his tenure, only for his successor, Ayo Fayose to be sworn in and sacked all the new workers.

What is not known to Deltans is that the state account is already blinking danger as all the money there have been siphoned to unknown places by the governor allegedly in connivance with his man Friday, Ovuzuorie Macaulay who doubles as the Secretary to the State Government (SSG).

The financial state of the treasure sources within the government revealed prompted the borrowing of yet to be disclosed billions of Naira to pay workers in the month of February. When contacted, a source close to the Labor Party guber candidate, Ovedje Ogboru disclosed on the condition of anonymity that if his principal should win, plans are already underway to jail Uduaghan as was done to Ibori, despite rumored support he is getting from the governor.

***Stay tuned for the secret meeting held with loyal commissioners to support Ogboru.


Secrets Reporters

The lackadaisical attitude of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman, Adamu Muazu is not unconnected with who becomes the President of Nigeria in 2019, revealed a source to Secrets Reporters.

Following our report on his resignation which was rescinded after much plea from some Northern power brokers and Emirs, a source within the PDP squealed to us that while the 2015 electioneering is still on, there is already power tussle on who becomes the next President come 2019.

According to our dependable source, Muazu in a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP stakeholders jokingly stated that “Your Excellency, we are waiting for you to be sworn in for a second term after which I will step into your shoes as the slot of the North”

This statement was said to have shocked the President and others who were present as they exchanged surprised glances before the President intervened and told him to put his house in order for the race in four years time, but should focus on delivering him this time first.

“Since that encounter, Oga (referring to Muazu) have not been happy with the President; haven read from his body language that he is not in tandem with his ambitious dream”. Further quest by this paper unveiled that the game changer as the PDP boss is called is no longer with the Presidential campaign in spirit and have been making comments to suggest that the race to Aso Rock will be hard for them; thus giving credit to the opposition as being likely to take the day.

We gathered from a Presidential source that the Presidency has truly put Muazu under serious security and political surveillance which he knows of, but pretends that he is unaware. Muazu who is a die hard political disciple of former President Olusegun Obasanjo another party source stated is giving the President serious concern, even though he is not showing it publicly, knowing that he cannot go against his political benefactor, who will tell him where to swing votes to at the dying minute.

If everything goes well, Muazu is likely to strike a deal with the All Progressive Congress (APC) to play the spoiler while he gets their support for his presidential ambition in 2019.

Stay tuned as we keep tab and bring to you the happenings and power play.


Secrets Reporters

The bill board governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu who is currently battling to install his stooge, Nasko, as the next governor of his State while he retires to the Senate to avoid going to jail has render the state treasury empty.

One of the means through which money was siphoned we can report was his turbanning alongside his wife by the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti in 2010.

In a memo sent to him by the then Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Dr Muhammadu Yahaya and signed on July 21, 2010, it detailed that “the Ewi of Ado Ekiti, in recognition of the contributions of the Chief Servant to the society has decided to confer on him the traditional title of Otunba Akinjagunla and his wife Yeye Akinjagunla of Ekitiland”.

The ceremony which took place at the palace of the king on August 7th 2010 had in place a committee set up and chaired by the Commissioner for Local Government, Community Development and Chieftaincy Affairs. They were to deliberate on how to see that the ceremony was a huge success. The committee was to submit budget for the government entourage as well as for security and logistics.

After deliberations, they arrived at the sum of N35 million from the State coffer, which was later reduced by a mere fraction. According to them, the sum of N5 million was budgeted to mobilize official entourage while a whooping lump of N8 million was penned down for production of customized gift items. Palace items gulped N7 million while accommodation for was N5 million.

Not done with such wastage, another N6 million was budgeted for fueling of vehicles and flight, after the mobilization money was used for the same entourage. The least sum went to security which was penned as N528,000, which brings the total to N31.5 million.

This outrageous sum was divided between the State and Local Government in the ratio of 50:50