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Ten mobile policemen on illegal duty beat up a middle aged man along Eka street, in Uyo. The victim who narrated his ordeal to Secrets Reporters told our News Crew how he was brutalized by mobile policemen led by a police sergeant and one corporal Stanley from Mopol 22. He was beaten and thrown into the car booth by the policemen, who came with two Camry vehicles.
The victim, Abiakalam Ejike said, he had a disagreement with his neighbor over a house issue, which never warranted the intervention of any policemen, but he was surprised when someone claiming to be one Obinna, called that he wanted to do a picture enlargement, which is what he actually does as his business. Unknown to him, it was one of the policemen who was on illegal duty that called him.

He had questioned them on why a formal complaint was not lodged in a police station for him to be invited rather than coming to harass him.

It was in this process that one of the policemen hit him at his back; one of them used a gun to hit on his head, while another used his knee to hit him on his private part, before he was now thrown into the booth of one of the Camry vehicles.

As they drove off, they decided that he should be kept in an abandoned room at the Mopol base, and before this time, they had confiscated his both phones and left him incommunicado, with a promise that he was to be confined for a month where no one will reach and he is to be given food once a day.

With all these communication ongoing, the sergeant told them to stop the vehicle and bring him out from the booth, that he is a Christian and what they did was wrong. At that point, they stopped the vehicle and brought him out from the booth of the car, into the rear seat.
Abiakalam Ejike told our News Crew that he had gone to A DIVISION police station to complain, but they kept asking for money in spite of the injuries he sustained from the brutality, and the inhuman treatment meted to him.

It is no longer news that police brutality has been a norm among the rank and file in the police.

Few days ago, this medium had reported about how policemen invaded Community Secondary Commercial School, and beat up a teacher, naked him, and dragged him to the police station for telling them to exercise a bit of patience for their school principal to come and see the school fence that was broken, which was caused by the illegal task force members set up by the council chairman of Uyo Local Government.

In his submission, Ejike said he had sought for help and could not get help, as nobody was willing to listen to him if he didn’t have money to push his case.
We urge the Inspector General of Police to fish out these erring officers and serve the needed punishment to them and make them refund the medical expenses of Ejike, as the administration of Buhari will not condone any act of indiscipline from uncivilized policemen.

The commandant of Mopol 22 should also be invited for questioning, if he had ordered his men to go on illegal duties and be molesting innocent citizens as we have come over this period of reckless behaviours by policemen.


Secrets Reporters

While various news sites and gossips blog has reported that the Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch wore by President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife to the inauguration which held on Friday, May 29th 2015 cost £34,500 which equivalent rate of N303 to £1 is N10, 453, 000 (Ten Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Three Thousand Naira), Secrets Reporters can authoritatively report that the watch worn by the First Lady is not near the amount.

carteir watch

The same Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch comes in a case made of rhodiumised white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds while the side of the case is an octagonal crown set with a diamond is just $129. The watch case is 44mm high, 35mm wide and 10mm thick and is covered by glare-proof sapphire crystal glass.

Our investigations on search engines revealed that there are exactly same watches of same make but with different prices with Buhari’s wife going for the least of them.

Here is the watch she ACTUALLY wore.

The real cost of Aisha Buhari's watch
The real cost of Aisha Buhari’s watch


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One of Nigeria most corrupt Governor’s wife, Unoma Akpabio has finally finished giving herself a befitting farewell package from government house, by completing the mansion called school in the state most expensive settlement, known as Shelter Afrique.

Unoma, who also double as the de facto deputy governor to her husband, Godswill Akpabio built the school with over N720 million including the purchase of land revealed a source.

Secrets Reporters had broke the news last year about the building with security guards strictly monitoring the company staff building it from taking pictures and leaking to the press.

The school which is expected to kick off by September has Nursery, Primary and Secondary. A very competent source squealed that the Secondary school students who will be admitted will pay N1 million per term, which is a total of N3 million for each class yearly, while the Primary school will be going for N450 thousand to N500 thousand. The source could not however get the amount for the Nursery, but he was sure it won’t go below N200 thousand. The pictures were taken by an Akwa Ibom based Journalist, Ubong Sampson.

akpabio school 2

akpabio school 3

akpabio school 4

akpabios. school