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Unless the long arms of the Nigeria law is twisted as it has always been for the so called big men, Delta State outgoing Governor, Mr Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan may cool his feet in jail.

Apart from numerous frauds which his regime has committed, revelations coming to the public domain are that he has succeeded in selling some of the State owned properties to himself and cronies.
One of those properties sold at a ridiculous price is the cherished Delta House also named Guinea House. We gathered that the properties was  sold to immediate past Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) State Chairman, Peter Nwaoboshi, who is vying for the position of Delta South Senatorial District.
According to our sources, the property which was valued for N4.7 billion was ridiculously sold to Nwaoboshi for a paltry sum of N805 Million, while similar properties were sold to the governor using fronts such as Solomon Ogba and Otubu.
The same Nwaoboshi who has been part of the looting class in the State since the return of civilian rule was allegedly given contract by the governor to supply mere dustbins for six local government in the Anioma region for an eye popping sum of N2.2 Billion.
All these Secrets Reporters gathered are to make way for the governor to get the ticket to represent his people in the Senate. Political watchmen in the State are of the view that his impending journey to jail is what has made him vow to impose unknown persons in the State as the next governor, to enable his corrupt infested tracks covered.
Text message sent to the State Commissioner for Information, Hon. Chike Ogeah to get official response were not responded to as at press time.

***Stay Tuned for the Multi Million Naira primary school fraud


…As Lawyers take up the titanic battle

If information reaching Daily Voice NG is anything to go by, then the Niger State government led by Governor Babangida Muazu Aliyu and the Department of State Security (DSS) may have their heads in a boiling cauldron following their abduction of a reputable Nigerian investigative Journalist and public affairs commentator, Mr Fejiro Oliver on the 19th of September 2014.

In a strong worded press release from the chambers of Eculaw Chambers engaged by the Journalist, they law firm headed by renown Nigerian and USA attorney, Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye, they stated that they were “engaged by Mr. Tega Sampson Oghenedoro, also known as Fejiro Oliver, in his quest to redress the massive abuse of rights he suffered and continues to suffer in the hands of the Government of Niger State under the neo-dictatorship of Dr. Aliyu Babangida, as Governor, and certain officers of the Directorate of State Security (DSS).

As you may know, Mr. Oghenedoro is a Nigerian journalist employed with the Nigerian Television Authority (the NTA) where he remains an employee, notwithstanding some noticeable unlawful interferences with his position at the NTA. As a hobby and personal passion, Mr. Oghenedoro engages in online journalism through the Secrets Reporters Media and the Daily Voice NG with urls of www.secretsreporter.com and www.dailyvoiceng.com respectively”

Writing further, the Eculaw group noted that “upon a detailed evaluation of the facts presented to us, significant portion of which now resides in the public domain, we have come to the conclusion that the officials of the Government of Niger State, in collaboration with the officers of the DSS carried out a well-rehearsed and systemic violation of the rights of Mr. Oghenedoro. This was done in the most egregious and mendacious manner to be seen in Nigeria since the end of military dictatorship with the infamous marshal laws.

As a journalist, Mr. Oghenedoro, came upon a story detailing out an entrenched pattern of corruption within the Government of Niger State, involving the Governor of that State and a number of top officials of the state. In accordance with his journalistic discipline, Mr. Oghenedoro informed the officials of the Government of the type of information he obtained and his intention to carry out standard journalistic investigations on the story. He thus offered them an opportunity to present a rebuttal or their own account, if any.

The officials of Niger State indicated that they disputed the story and had a different account of what happened.  They requested for an opportunity to meet with Mr. Oghenedoro to avail him of their side of the story. To that end, they first requested to visit Mr. Oghenedoro in Asaba or, as an alternative, that he meet with them in Minna, Niger State. Mr. Oghenedoro turned down both suggestions, but agreed to meet at a neutral venue and a public place in Abuja”.

The Maryland based lawyer, who once served as attorney to Nigerian Embassey in the US detailed how Fejiro was pressurized to come to Abuja to have an interview with the State government, only to be kidnapped.

“To facilitate the logistics for the meeting, the Niger State Government provided a flight ticket for Mr. Oghenedoro’s trip from Asaba to Abuja. Unknown to Mr. Oghenedoro, Niger State Government officials were not honest and did wish to act in good faith. They had liaised with some elements of the DSS in Minna, and they had trailed Mr. Oghenedoro’s movement from Asaba to Abuja in a vicious manner crudely reminiscent of the Gestapo.

Immediately Mr. Oghenedoro arrived in Abuja and stepped out of the airport lounge, he made to catch a taxi to the city. But suddenly, some men, later discovered to be officers of the DSS Minna, waylaid him and forced him into a car, while a waiting Hilux van with dark tinted windows filled with the strike force squad led the way. They beat him up, handcuffed him and blindfolded him, and ultimately took him from Abuja to Minna, Niger State.

Mr. Oghenedoro was subjected to brutalities and torture in the most inhuman and degrading manner conceivable. He was falsely accused of intimidating the Government of Niger State and he was dragged to a Magistrate Court in Minna in a sham show of shame that was called a criminal process. While this was ongoing, the officials of both the DSS and the Government of Niger State mounted a campaign of calumny in the press in a scattershot effort to tarnish his reputation and injure his character. The DSS unlawfully seized the computer and telephones of Mr. Oghenedoro, invading his privacy and blackmailing him thereupon”, they stated.

The Journalist who had kept mute over the issue since his release from his captive detention may have to answer many questions from the press and international body, following a revelation by the lawyers, who gave a hint on what transpired before the Niger State government hurriedly close the case and dropped all charges. According to them, “after two weeks in detention, the Niger State Government and the DSS forced Mr. Oghenedoro to sign a secret undertaking titled: “UNDERTAKING NOT TO PUBLISH ANY INCITIING OR DAMAGING INFORMATION AGAINST THE NIGER STATE GOVERNMENT”. The purpose of that was to bind Mr. Oghenedoro not to publish damaging, even if truthful, story about corruption by officials of Niger State Government. Against his protestations, they made it clear to him that he would not be released from detention unless he signed that undertaking. Worse, they made it clear to him that they had the judges in the Niger State judiciary in their pockets and were certain to get him convicted of the sham charges they filed against him. As expected, once Mr. Oghenedoro was forced to sign the said undertaking, all charges were mysteriously withdrawn and he was released from detention, though his computer and telephones were never returned to him”

Breaking the ice, the law chamber noted that, “In consideration of all that happened in this case, we accepted to represent Mr. Oghenedoro as his counsel against both the Niger State Government and the DSS. This was a deliberate and well-organized attempt to suppress the damaging information against Niger State Government, which was about to be published. From all indications, this was also a far-reaching attempt by the State and the elements of the DSS apparently well paid by the State Government officials to send a message to the members of the press, that the State would not allow the truth about corruption in their government to come to light and that they would go to all extent to suppress the truth. The case of Mr. Oghenedoro was Niger State’s way of repressing the new and emerging media and to cast a chill on the citizen’s right in an era of freedom of information.

For the purpose of seeking remedies for the right violations he suffered and for the purpose of resisting what has been a blatant and vicious encroachment on the free press, Mr. Oghenedoro has engaged us as counsel and we are happy to act for him as such. We are presently considering our various options. One thing is clear: based on our client’s instructions, we will not allow a corrupt State Government to assume that all it needed to escape responsibility for massive corruption and looting of state resources would simply be to kidnap, torture and intimidate those in a position to disclose the truth about its shady businesses”.

What the next line of action will be is not yet certain, as the Editor has refused to speak to any member of the Press, including freelance staffers of Daily Voice NG, which he heads. However, top journalists close to him has revealed that his silence over the issue was for this moment, especially as his properties close to a million Naira are still with the DSS, despite constant assurances that they were sending it to him through waybill.

Source: Daily Voice NG


Secrets Reporters

In what may be the final decider for the Delta guber election in 2015, one of Africa’s oldest union, and majority stakeholder in the political firmament of the state, the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) has chosen lead candidate of the election, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa as the man to beat.

This endorsement was made during a visit paid to the body by the guber aspirant. According to our source who was present at the venue, the spokesman for UPU stated categorically clear that of all the aspirants that have visited them, Okowa stands shoulder high above them. In a rare show of honesty, the UPU stated that if they were allowed to chose a candidate to govern Delta State come 2015, they will pick him.
UPU who is known for being blunt rated Okowa as a man who has tentacles spread across the state and rather than focus his attention on his immediate constituency; he has used his influence to empower people across the State; an attitude which shows that he is detribalized. 
In a clear statement of endorsing Okowa for the position of the governor, UPU X-rayed how he became a Secretary to a Local government, before becoming its Chairman. They went further to narrate how he was elevated to the position of Commissioner in various ministries before he became the Secretary to the State Government, handling the position so well that it has not been equaled. Climaxing, UPU stretched on how he was called to a higher office to serve in the Senate, a clear case of always being lifted up. The Governorship position according to the apex body is one of such position that will be bestowed on Okowa in his higher calling.
The venue of the consultation visit we gathered was so alluring that Journalists present supported the Senator’s kola with one of them present telling the stunned audience on how the high flying aspirant has been a major source of inspiration to himm on various occasions.