Why Delta PDP Delegates Should See It As A Duty To Nominate Olejeme The Amazon Of Delta Politics As Their Flag Bearer

Ekene Israel

As Delta PDP delegates match out to cast their votes to nominate the person who will be the Party’s governorship aspirant for the 2015 gubernatorial election in Delta State, it is of great importance that they  put some salient issues into considerations.

A governorship candidate that is marketable, with charisma that has courage and competence to properly manage the Delta State affairs and a personality who is highly placed that can promote unity across the ethnic divides of Delta States.

It is obvious that PDP will never stand and watch Delta State lost to another party, and for such not to happen, it becomes imperative that a person that fits these qualities enumerated here above, is no other person than Dr. Ngozi Juliet Olejeme, the Amazon of Delta Politics, a woman par excellence, a mother, a rare gem who contributed immensely to the Nigerian project in the area which she was given the saddle to handle.

Call her an amazon par excellence, an amazon par difference, an administrator par excellence, a politician par excellence, a politician cum administrator, indeed she fits into any of them very well, for someone of her nature she means different things to different persons, to some she is an astute administrator, a bridge builder and an expert in the financial  and insurance sector, moreso, she is an entrepreneur, a manager, a philanthropist, politician, social mobilizer, Human Rights activist, nationalist and a devout Christian and much more a mother.

Rising from a humble beginning, Olejeme went into prominence when she joined forces with other serious minded progressives, to challenge and opposed the military dictatorship of the late Sani Abacha as they believed that the invasion of military into the Nigerian politics is indeed an eccentricity to democratic philosophy.

Olejeme’s journey to the service of the Nigeria nation  was seen  when she was appointed into the Board of the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited in 2006 by former President Olusegun Obasanjo and  in 2009, Late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua appointed her as Chairman Board of Directors of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, becoming the first female to hold such position in the country.

Coming into the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) a Federal Government agency empowered by the Employees’ Compensation Act (ECA) of 2010 to implement the Employees’ Compensation Scheme (ECS) for the benefit of the Nigerian worker was not an easy task for Olejeme who met barrage of issues and problems in the organisation which was nearly comatose, but the coming of Olejeme made a change in the organisation turning NSITF into a world class organisation in the area of Social insurance and security.

Olejeme stunned many who believe where a man didn’t succeed, how a woman will succeed, but Olejeme proved all everyone wrong she sat on the sail while every person was on looking. Barely one year into office, Olejeme regularised the social insurance scheme by seeing to the promulgation in 2010 of a more comprehensive and responsive scheme called the Employees’ Compensation Act (ECA). This Act repealed the contentious Workmen’s Compensation Act (WCA) of 2004 and empowered NSITF as the sole manager of the Act.

In 2006 when she joined NSITF, the office can only boast of two functional office, but today, the Fund has more than 51 functional and well equipped branches and 11 regional offices, a visit to Abuja the Nation’s capital where the fund headquarter is situated, one will be held spellbound with the bastion where intelligence works and glamorous magnificence is enshrined.

For instance the NSITF is now computerised with latest software found in the computer world, with such software as ISO certificate (ISO 27001) and Information Security Management System (ISMS) certificate, today the organisation is seen as the first to be public sector organisation in Nigeria to be so certified.

In the area of staff strength, when she took the saddle, the organisation was with less 100 staff on its payroll, but today the organisation have more than 4,000 young men and women working to achieve the dreams of Ngozi Olejeme.

Unlike many public institutions that wait virtually for funding from the government, NSITF today is self sustained even as the organisation was voted as one of the best public sector agencies in service delivery in 2014.

Just like Oliver Twist, Olejeme not satisfied with her numerous achievements at NSIF still wants to do more, for instance is at the moment fighting for the enactment of a bill for full social security that will take care of both the hampered employed and unemployed, the aged, physically challenged and indigent children of this country.

In clarity, it is glaring to now see her handwork in NSITF, there no much left to doubt as to whether she will take Delta to enviable heights, a Delta beyond oil, this is Olejeme’s dream for a new and modern Delta.

The Amazon, an alumnus of Ivy League Universities in both the US and the UK also has shown here shrewdness and devoutness when became the Convener of Subsidy Re-Investment And Empowerment Program (SURE-P) On Public Works.

Aside the public service, Olejeme humane and philanthropic nature saw here set up a Ngozi’s pet foundation the U and I and widowhood projects designed to improve the lives of widows and the down-trodden persons, has seen her foundation donates cash prizes to widows in Delta and beyond.

Her generous donations has also gone to market woman to enable them improve on their trades. While committing her personal resources to afford educational facilities for indigent and brilliant students in different parts of the country, she has equally assisted many displaced youths and graduates to secure gainful employments in government establishment.

Olejeme’s milk of human kindness also is seen in the area of giving financial support to the old people’s homes, as well as giving priority attention to traditional institutions in Delta State all these is to ensure that royal fathers uphold Delta’s rich cultural heritage, encourage family values and promote peace and unity among various ethnic groups as well as to contribute to the political system of governance.

In recognition to Olejeme’s outstanding and selfless contributions to the nation and to her state, she has been seen lots and lots of awards, honours and recognition come her way.

In 2013, Olejeme was honoured by her Asaba people who came from different parts of the world to confer on her the “Distinguished Citizen Award” in a colorful ceremony which was well attended by dignitaries such as the Asagba of Asaba, Obi (Prof) Chike Edozien (CFR) and the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar amongst others.

Olejeme has also bagged an honorary Doctorate Degree from the American Heritage University of Southern California and the prestigious African International Award (AIA) in Ghana.

A Fellow of the Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration and Life Member / Commonwealth Ambassador of Royal Commonwealth Society among others, little wonder a former Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton, portrayed her as an excellent class of African women leaders who are championing democratic leadership in Africa.

In May 2014 Olejeme was recognised for her role in adding value to the NSIFT, when she was conferred with Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ Positive Thinkers Award.

Amid the many important main observers and supporters of Olejeme’s genuine qualities, reliable leadership and pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the nation is former Minister of Police Affairs, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, who recently commended Olejeme for her sheer commitment, honesty and managerial competence.

Also another person who had spoken and commended Olejeme’s leadership style in NSITF is the PDP Deputy Chairman Chief Emmanuel Ighomena, who described her as a highly cerebral and urbane politician.

He also said; “Deltans need Dr. Ngozi Olejeme in 2015”.

Also for the Commissioner in the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Chief Tom Amioku in company of Olejeme’s friend told them Olejeme would be the first elected female governor in Nigeria.

Olejeme is also an alumnus of the following Ivy League institutions; The Prestigious Harvard Business School, Boston, USA;Wharton Business School, University of  Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA; University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; Saad Business School, Oxford University, United Kingdom; Pan African University (Lagos Business School), Nigeria 

In recognition of her inexorable effort for the subjugated and good governance, she has been awarded the following honors: Honorary Doctoral Degree by American Heritage University of Southern California (Doctor of Public Policy, Honoris Causa); Prestigious Africa International Award (AIA) Ghana; Fellow, Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration, FCIDA, (Nigeria); Fellow, Michael Imoudu National Institute of Labour Studies (Nigeria);Champion of Workers Welfare Award by Labour Writers Associations 
of Nigeria; Friend of Nollywood Award by Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria 2014
; NAWOJ Leadership Award, 2014
; Honorary Life; Member/Commonwealth Ambassador of RoyalCommonwealth Society, Nigeria; Life Member Institute of Directors (Affiliate of Institute of Directors 
UK); International Leadership Award by Africa Women Diplomatic Forum, 
Ottawa, Canada; Woman of Integrity and Exemplary Leadership Award of State House 
Press Corps (VILLA) and Newspaper Proprietor Association of Nigeria 
( NPAN);The 2013 Valiant Award by National Conference of Black Mayors 
(NCBM) in Atlanta Georgia, USA; Award of Excellence/ Mother Per Excellence Award for Loyalty and 
Service to Humanity by Amazon International Houston, Texas, USA. 
September 2013; American Global Health Network Patrons Award for Excellent Service 
by Ohio House of Representatives, 2013;Global Excellence in Leadership Award by Student Association of Nigeria in Diaspora (SAND); Member, The Association of Business Executives London; Award for Excellence by Women of Love, Ireland 2013;World Peace Ambassador for Peace Award (Amb.P) by United; Nations -Polac Peace Programme Nigeria, 2013; Delta State Leaders of Excellence Award by Delta State Grassroots 
Movement;National Assembly Media Correspondents’ Award of Charity Services 
to Humanity;Meritorious Award of Excellent by Ijaw Youth Council; Global Achievement Award for a Societal Rehabilitation and Capital Development;Montage Africa Women of Excellence Awards 2013; 2013 Delta Most Celebrated Personality Award by organizers of the 
Delta Role Model Awards (DREAMS) in collaboration with African Child Foundation; Kwame Nkrumah Leadership Award, Africa Woman of the Year 2012 
by All Africa Student Union (AASU); Award of Excellence and Peak Performance in the chosen Career and 
Assignment, 2013; 6th Africa Leader PAR Excellence Award 2013 by International Center 
for Comparative Leadership for Africans and Blacks in Diaspora; Best Technocrat in Nigeria Award 2014 by City People Media Group; Mother of Nigerian Youth by Nigeria Unity Football Tournament; Panelist on the Session on Law and Social security, 2013 by Nigeria 
Institute ofAdvance and Legal Studies; Member, Board of Patrons, Congress of Muslim and Christian Youths for Unity.
Olejeme secrets behind her success life is relied on the fact of her share of philosophy about which be believes is here absolute; “Faith in God and rendering selfless service to humanity”

In the last line, there is no better candidates than Olejeme to grace the Government House Asaba come May 29, Delta PDP delegates vote wisely and vote good.

The long humble but rewarding road to the golden age of Medical Laboratory Practice in Nigeria


Association Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) marked her golden jubilee in November, 2014. It was an occasion full of excitement, panache and untamed joy. The immediate past president of AMLSN was generous in praise and accolades to personalities that carried the burden of professional emancipation and image projection of a hitherto unheralded but critically indispensible part of total medical practice globally. As he cascaded down memory lane from one decade to another,highlighting the critical junctions, interludes and milestones in the metamorphosis of the profession, audience couldn’t help but punctuated his free-flowing oratory with loud applaudsand heroic excitements. 

The speech revealed on one hand a catalogue of achievers and achievements and on the other hand a compendium of monstrous gangsters of tyrants and oppressors that littered the rough but celebrated path to our golden age. The present day MLS could not believe the humble but painstaking path the founding fathers towed towards the emancipation of a profession that has been aptly referred to as the backbone of modern medicine.
Indeed it has been a long, humble and challenging walk to jubilee. It has been a walk from relative obscurity to total professional autonomy. A drift from divers  uncharitable designations such as ‘Microscopists’ for our astute Parasitologists, ‘culture boys’ for our revered bacteriologist, ‘microtome boys’ for our most esteemed histoscientists and the most degrading lab boys designation for our noble Medical Laboratory Scientists. Today the designation is unambiguously spelt out in the MLS Act 11,2003.It is succinctly captured by the clear visionary eyes of our fore fathers as represented in our anthem ‘’Masters no longer toddlers, Med lab scientists all over the land are tributaries of talents’’

Peculiar with the Stone Age, our heroes past worked with the remotest of tools and technologies, many in the process paid the supreme prize in the war against infectious agents. They did not have biosafety facilities and containment laboratories we now have, yet they fought on gallantly and won the war against deadly infectious diseases such as whooping cough, anthrax, influenza amongst others. They tested urine samples for abnormal substances in urine. During their time, nothing was automated; they had to go through the lengthy, cumbersome manual procedures and processes. They came out with authentic reliable and reproducible results that significantly helped in eradication of the early epidemics. They were very few in number yet catered for all Nigerians within their reach with unmatched success. They were least paid yet they put their minds and lives to work to safe their generation. Most of them who are still alive are not so rich but they definitely have peace of mind.

Their dedication is a wake-up call to the present day MLS. We must not, no matter what, compromise professional integrity and ethical servitude. We must challenge ourselves to GLP and TQM. We must first ask ourselves questions on the persistence and re-emergence of public health challenges before we ask questions of remunerations. We must first face our job squarely before we face and accuseother colleagues in the health team for threatening to take over our jobs. It is a golden age for MLS. We must therefore rebrand from the bench outwards. We must ensure the patient is treated as king and the sanctity of our oath remains sacrosanct and unblemished. Welcome to the golden era of Med Lab practice in Nigeria.

Adeyeye Adetunji Tam.
National PRO,
Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN)

Okonjo Iweala’s K-Leg Austerity Measure

Moshood Odunayo

I shake my head in dismay as i watch the supposedly professor of Economics and Nigeria’s Finance Minister on Channels TV spewing out balderdash on measures the government have put in place as the price of crude oil falls with the depletion of excess crude account. Hear her as she speaks, the users of luxurious items, such as private jets, yachts, alcoholic beverages and expensive cars, would be required to pay special taxes for such goods.public officials foreign trips will also be reduced.

The principle is that those who are better off in the society and I hope they won’t mind will be willing to share a bit more in remitting a little bit more to the treasury than what they normally do on these things. The solution proposed by the finance minister is lame; because to increase taxation is to reduce the impacts of a dwindling oil revenue. What measures did she and the government put in place during the period of oil boom to provide absorbent for the economy in period of crisis? To pick out foreign training and travels as a way of austerity measure is myopic. What have they done to provide the needed infrastructure such as power, road, security e.t.c during oil revenue windfall to accelerate the industrialization of the economy?

Agriculture,small and medium scale enterprises do not have any comprehensive growth program. Solid minerals remains a mirage as investment focuses on oil and gas. When the oil revenue boom, poor Nigerians did not benefit but now that it has decline it is the masses that will bear the brunt. When you start raising taxes,doesn’t that increase the cost of the item which is passed on to the consumers and when the cost of normal goods increases doesn’t that mean consumers must earn more to purchase that same item?When the same item cannot be purchased by the consumer,isn’t it a loss to the producer?

When the producer starts to take a loss doesn’t that mean the the producer will start sacking its workforce? When the workforce is sacked doesn’t the government now have to step in to support the sacked workforce? Can the government provide for additional unemployed? No! Instead of taxing commodities and Nigerians they should start the austerity measure by reducing the hefty wages of the executive and the legislature,cut the allowance of all public office holders and number of vehicles attach to their offices, ban the importation of most goods coming in to the country because we have enough local capacity and this will reduce the outflow of scarce foreign currencies from the economy, reducing the budget downward. The government should wage a total, diligent and genuine war on corruption. Those in government should stop using evangelical jets and other clandestine means to launder public fund. Both former and present political office holders to be sincerely probed to determine the source of their stupendous wealth and any possession not properly accounted for should be confiscated for public use. 

The office of the first lady should be entirely scrapped, though it is not recognized by the constitution.under Jonathan his wife has become more powerful than him as extra budgetary funds are channeled to her illegal office without probity, accountability and parliamentary approval. The President should sell more than half of the presidential jets that are in use at his disposal. The EFCC should be strengthened with a vibrant and indefatigable leader,the present incumbent is a toothless bulldog and what happen to the NNPC missing fund?what of the Stella Oduah Gate?

What of the money meant for the shady ammunition deal in South Africa that was stalled due to diplomatic manouvre? What of the Abacha loot and the Ibori fund that was transferred to Nigeria? We will recover more money from corrupt politicians than any austerity measure. Government should invest heavily in the Agricultural sector by making credit facilities available to the farmers,extension services/seminars unit should be established throughout the country to sensitize and orientate farmers on how to improve their agricultural yields,change production and planting method. With these the Agriculture Industry will generate employment to the teeming youths and unemployed graduates. Emphasis should also be placed on farm mechanization to encourage large scale production.policies and production strategy should should be centred on commodities that can be exported to generate foreign exchange earnings and provide raw materials for our ailing local industries.