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”Further to our mandate to sell 96,070,872 shares of Ecobank (ETI) at a fixed price of N129 per share, we confirmed that the share were sold by us for a total of N1,537,245,952 out of which N300,000,000 was paid to you (Mr. Arnold Ekpe). We confirm that the outstanding proceeds from the sale have been misappropriated by us and we undertake to meet the obligation of N1,237,345,095 and US$80,000”.

With this October 17, 2016 letter to Mr Arnold Ekpe, a customer & client of Partnership Investment Co. Ltd., a major player in the Nigerian Stock Market, Mr, victor Ogiemwonyi the MD/CEO of Partnership admitted to the fraudulent misappropriation of funds entrusted to his care.

In other words, he stole & converted his client’s funds. Mr Ekpe, former MD, Ecobank had reported Mr Ogiemwonyi for coverting over N1.2 billion & US$80,000 due him from sale of his ETI shares. The shares were sold & rather than remit the proceeds to his bank account as arranged & agreed upon, Mr Ogiemwonyi diverted the monies into his company’s account. He admitted this!

Some other 300 investors have alleged a N4.8 billion capital marked fraud perpetuated by the same Mr Victor Ogiemwonyi; the hitherto maverick financial whizkid. They are planning to stage a protest soon against the Nigerian Stock Exchange & the chief capital market regulator Securities & Exchange Commission SEC for admitting a fraudster of the calibre of Victor Ogiemwonyi into the financial system.

The investors were skimmed off in Ogiemwonyi’s Scheme called Partnership Securities Deposit Account. These investing clients who were shareholders elsewhere were advised to buy into the Scheme whereby their redundant shares (which were not being traded over the years) are to be managed by Partnership’s subsidiary PICOL to generate 10% returns payable every six months. Many investors deposited their shares worth millions of Naira (e.g. Mr Alabi Sola -N26.8 million, Mr John Igbasanmi -N4.08 million, Mr Omowale Omogbemi -N11.2 million, Mr Godwin Anono, Chairman, Standard Shareholders Association of Nigeria -N160 million, Chied Solasi -N230 million etc).

The 10% was never paid & Mr Ogiemwonyi the Victor of Fraud who kept on re-assuring them that the monies were being re-invested. Today, no 10% returns, no re-invested monies & no originally deposited shares are available. All are gone, prompting the investors to be on the war-path. On receipt of Mr Ekpe’s complaint Oct. 17, 2016, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) dutifully swung into action by suspending Partnership Securities Ltd from trading on all floors of the NSE -effective the following morning till now.

It also requested the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) to place the N42,499,761.20 (being proceeds of share sold by Partnership earlier on but due to be settled Oct. 18, 2016) into Mr Ekpe’s bank account instead of Partnership where it will as usual, enter their voicemail; a request effected Nov. 8, 2016. Mr Ekpe after complaining to NSE Oct. 17, 2016, petitioned EFCC and Mr Ogiemwonyi was arrested after investigation. The matter is now with the Court and Mr Ogiemwonyi was remanded to Ikoyi Prisons.

When the case came up again Friday February 17th 2017, he was sent back to the prison and case adjourned to April 2017. All the assets of Partnership & Mr Ogiemwonyi (known to EFCC) have been put on hold. This is now public knowledge. But as usual, we & only we have a detailed account of the assets of Ogiemwonyi. Since the case blew open, we have been conducting our own investigation.

Some persons close to him we gathered went begging Edo State Government of which his 1969-73 Eghosa classmate rules, to release Edo State debt of N16 million to his Oasis Hotel. Obaseki allegedly paid the money which must now have gone into voicemail. Some weeks ago, workers of his SBDC Micro-Finance Bank at Ring Rd in front of Oba’s Palace fled as many hundreds of customers stormed the bank to recover their deposits.

The younger sister Bridget who manages the place was rescued by the Police at Oba Market. That became an avenue for the police as she & another staff called Joy were promptly arrested. They sat on the floor all Wednesday night. By Thursday morning, Efe, his cousins and a Pastor with Mountain of Fire and miracle went to bail them.

Meanwhile, Secret Reporters reliably gathered from Houston Texas that the US Dept of Justice has started investigation into his dealings there & may soon prosecute him

We have a detailed account of many more victims of many more products & subsidiaries of Partnership like MIDAS, Partnership Capital Management, POPFUND, Mutual Wealth Fund managed by Arese, Ogiemwonyi (eldest of three daughter), Micro-Credit Schemes, SBDC Micro Finance Bank being managed by Bridget, Ogiemwonyi’s younger sister & even the Security Brokerage Account handled by Andrews Elueni, Ogiemwonyi’s Supervising Executive Manager.

The fraud is nearer N20 billion (according to our investigations) than the alleged published N10 billion in newspapers. How did Mr Ogiemwonyi spend so much money? We dug into the life & times of Mr Victor Ogiemwonyi since he, a full-blooded Bini was born in Ibadan, August 1955.

We went to Eghosa Grammar School Benin-City to ascertain his being a student there in 1969. Then to Edo College which he left in 1975. We followed him to Wilberforce University, Ohio all through to Texas Southern Univ. Houston where he obtained an MBA in 1981. There he met his wife Funke, the prized daughter of Insurance mogul Henry Fajemiroku. Secret Reporters was there when they had their four children; Mrs. Arese Ugwu, Ms. Isoken, Kolawole & Ms Ivie. We went to all the places he worked at before starting Partnership in 1991 and how he had fared since then.

Victor Ogiemwonyi of Partnership Investment was released on bail from Ikoyi Prisons last Fri. March 17

The juicy story of the Victor Ogiemwonyi continues…


A married female banker, named, Mrs. Kenny, got impregnated by her senior colleague in the same bank, Mr. Tayo Adeogo, here in Lagos state.

Mrs. Kenny Tolani Akinola who had lots going for her but due to unsatisfactory means of income from her husband everything changed.

This was disclosed by a reliable source from both families. From the ongoing investigation carried out concerning the sex scandal, revealed that Mr. Tayo Adeogo, is happily married with two kids, his wife resides in USA, while the two kids are in, Nigeria.

He’s been having an affair with his junior colleague, Mrs. Kenny, for about two years

It was also discovered that Mrs. Kenny herself has been having series of affairs with some of the bank customers; this was discovered via messages on her phone. From her chat, all sorts of immoral acts with different sets of male customers in the bank were found.

January 2016, sister Kenny while still married to her husband was impregnated by Tayo Adeogo, she put to bed in November 2016 at Ifako Ijaiye General Hospital. As soon as the child was born Sister Kenny’s mother who was based in Ibadan came to help cater for the baby.

Kenny’s husband represented the position of a father during the naming ceremony of this same child. HELSUS was the name given to the baby which also happens to be extracted from Tayo Adeogos Company, HELSUS NIGERIA INTL. LTD.

Later that year, Mrs. Kenny and her mom went back to Ibadan and things started to change for the worse. Mrs. Kenny’s relationship and communication with her husband reduced drastically. They were there for almost two months; during this period there was strong intimate communication with Tayo Adeogo up to the point that Mrs. Kenny called Tayo Adeogo to spend Christmas day with her in Ibadan. Due to the nature of Tayo’s work, Tayo arrived at 10:00 pm on Christmas Eve to spend the night with her at her parent’s house. This was disclosed by a close relative at her family house in Ibadan.

Mrs. Kenny came back with her mother once again but this time unknown to her husband they had a plan.

The same week they arrived in Lagos, Mrs. Kenny demanded for her marriage certificate as well as all her education certificates from her husband since he was keeping them. Her husband gave them to her though he was suspicious as he didn’t understand why she wanted all her certificates. She informed him she wanted to use the certificates personally to process some school documentations.

What broke the camel’s back was a conversation that stated that Mrs. Kenny was getting a permanent transfer from Lagos to Ibadan. Everything was planned by Mrs. Kenny, her mother and Tayo.

Investigations made from the branch where Mrs. Kenny was working before her transfer to Ibadan, Ogba Plaza branch that she and Tayo Adeogo has been processing the transfer weeks before the final transfer was made.

Tayo Adeogo has always pick and drops Mrs. Kenny to and from her house on daily basis without the knowledge of the husband. Moreover, all the branches both have worked at Ecobank Isheri branch, Ecobank opposite FRSC (were they met when the bank’s name was still Oceanic bank) all branch staff will confirm this occurrence and intimacy.

In addition, Mrs. Kenny prepares home cooked meals for Tayo Adeogo on daily basis according to our investigations.

The following week, her husband got home after the transfer and met almost an empty apartment, the refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, kitchen cabinets, blenders, mobile AC etc. up to the kitchen knife and wall clock to mention a few were taken away from the house.

As at the time this publication was compiled nobody knew their whereabouts apart from the fact that Sister Kenny Akinola’s has been transferred from Ogba Plaza opposite Blue Cross Hospital to an unknown branch in Ibadan. Currently, she is on one month leave in order to finish the transfer process in Ibadan while Tayo Adeogo whose bank e-mail address is oadeogo@ecobank.com is currently working in Oba Akran branch as Head cash Teller in the same bank, ECOBANK.

Tayo Adeogo who used to be an assistant pastor at Firebrand Pentecostal Church Inc at 7, Olabisi Aduni, off Kings Avenue, Ojodu, Lagos, also impregnated a church member. He was sent out of the church after the disgraceful act.

At this moment, investigations is still ongoing to reveal more hidden secret about this corporate sex scandal.


Secret Reporters

It is no more news that a series of scandal is rocking the bank that prides itself as the One-customer bank with a major human resources disaster unfolding, as Secret Reporters has exclusively reported every single activities of the bank, with many angry staffers working inside sending anonymous series of mail with facts that we write to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on how the bank has been used for money laundering as well as hidden fraud going on daily.

Our radar which has been beamed on the bank shows that the Managing Director, Yemi Adeola and his dirty ally, Yemi Odubiyi as well as other Executive Directors have been unsettled since the massive leak from this website. To forestall what they suspect, innocent staffs who are witnesses to most of their illegal and fraudulent transactions have all been penned down as sacrificial lamb through massive sweep away of their job, by the duo.

Expectedly, Odubiyi begins his journey from the Contact Centre and down to every single unit and group at the Head Office, creating panic and fear among the staffs.

One of our sources authoritatively confirmed to us that the head of the Customer Experience Management Group (CEMG) Mr. Nduka Mba-Uzoukwu in an emergency meeting with the current unit head of the Contact Centre, Arinze Okoli, had discussed how to run the unit their style. The discussion which was held in English and Igbo language in Nduka’s office was focused on how to achieve this mission. Suggestions were also invited from the team lead of the Enterprise Help Desk and notorious gang member of the deposit mobilization fraud (our groundbreaking story underway) Janet Akpan, amongst others as the cartel desperately looks for those in the bank behind the numerous information leaking.

Our sources revealed that a list has been compiled and several names have been targeted as the bank plans a major human resource disaster for its present staff who it feels cannot be trusted to protect their shady and fraudulent activities.

The first list comprising four names of staff in the Contact Centre was published last week by us with confusion rocking the bank Human Resources unit, Contact Centre, and outsourcing firms Vic Lawrence and Associates VLA and Septagus Consulting as the affected staff demanded answers. Most of the workers got to know of the sack via this medium.

In obvious sharp contrast to their outstanding performance which had earned some recommendation for promotion in the current appraisal exercise, the parties involved in this unjust labour massacre were unprepared for the confrontation. While the bank Human Resource said they were downsizing, the heads of the Contact Centre and Customer Engagement pretended not to be aware of the dismissals, we gathered from our insiders.

Adeola Adeyomoye who currently serves as head of Customer Engagement and also Arinze’s direct report claimed total ignorance of the issue. The outsourcing firms, on the other hand, said the bank was downsizing and their services were no longer required, yet employed nine staff shortly after their dismissal in addition to the thirteen staff employed in January.

The sin of one of those sacked was mistakenly putting up a write up by a ferocious ex staff of the bank and now a Whistle-blower on their group chat. In fact, the notorious bank fraudster and master of the looters Adekanla Desalu had confronted him in the lift at the head office Sterling towers in Marina about his connections with the author.

***The expose continues