Behold the men that will loot Anambra Treasury

Nigeria is going to be treated to another round of
Okija shrine saga, as witnessed in the days of Mr. Chris Ngige and Mr. Chris
Uba, during Ngige reign as Anambra governor, if this allegation according to a document in our disposal is true. An alleged agreement we can report has
already been entered between the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA)
candidate, Mr. Willie Obaino and the APGA National Chairman, in the event that
he gets elected as the governor of the state.

The agreement which was seen by this paper reveals
that upon his election as the successor to Mr. Peter Obi, who has brazenly
looted the state treasury, Obaino will pay the sum of One hundred and twenty
million Naira monthly to Umeh while he will pay another whooping Thirty million
Naira monthly to Umeh’s National Adviser, Chief Austine Ndigwe, who was the
witness in the agreement.
The agreement which was fast forwarded to the date of
Thursday the 20th day of March, 2014 confirms that Chukwuma Soludo
disqualification was just to pave way for Obaino, as it noted that Obaino
agrees that his emergence as the party candidate and ‘governor’ was solely the
handwork of Umeh.
This agreement which is meant to loot the
state also reveals that all political offices, both executive and appointed
which shall be carried out by Obaino shall be determined by Umeh and Ndigwe
throughout the duration of his tenure. Another part of the agreement is that
all members of APGA board of trustees shall be appointed by Umeh in
consultation with Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, without any interference from Obaino.
A plot was also hatched in the agreement, that six
months into the leadership of Obaino, he shall withdraw the certificate of recognition
of HRH Igwe Gibson Nwosu (Eze Uzu Awka) as the Igwe of Awka and give the
position to his ally, Austine Ndigwe. Obaino was also made to sign that the
current APGA Deputy National Chairman, South, Chief Onwuka Ukwa will become the
National Chairman, upon the expiration of Umeh’s tenure.
With this action, Anambra State may already have been sold
to Umeh and his cohorts with ample support from Peter Obi, who is allegedly expected
to get kickback from various contract executed in the state.


He is terrorising us with illegal security

Laba Kevwe
Few days after the police hierarchy pronounced move to sanction states and local government security outfits for allegedly abusing their privileges and usurping the functions of the police, group under the aegis of FESTAC Residents for Sanity (FRS) has raised the alarm over the excesses of security outfit of Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area (LGA).
The group is also calling for the impeachment of Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Chairman, Comrade Adewale Ayodele for abuse of power and executing orders that are out of his constitutional zones.
The group who made the appeal in a statement signed by its Chairman, Chief Olaitan Ogunsanya and Secretary Comrade Harry Ogbuefi  called on the Federal Government and Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr. Mohammed Abubakar to investigate the nefarious activities of Amuwo-Odofin vigilant groups made up of Man’O War and Civil Defence Corps who are found of harassing residents of FESTAC Community and motorist plying Lagos-Badagry expressway.
They alleged that the council vigilante groups kitted in mobile police uniform are found of harassing residents of FESTAC by framing allegations against unsuspected residents thereby extorting money from them as bride, adding that failure to succumb to their threats see such person beating and lock up in a cell within the council’s premises.
“Actions of the council security outfits are becoming unbearable. They are kitted in mobile police uniform so that we cannot differentiate them from police. They execute arrest at will and very corrupt. If you commit a traffic offence its either you pay what they demand for as bribe or they use knife to puncture your tyres. As from 10.00 pm they arrest anyone they see outside and frame allegation on the person. Such person can only be set free after departing with money.
“Their activities are worst at the Lagos-Badagry expressway where they have taking over control of traffic from the police. They are not controlling traffic in order to create sanity on the highway, rather they do it in order to extort money from offending drivers. They collect tolls from heavy duty vehicles and any vehicle carrying goods going or coming from the border town of Seme”, the statement disclosed, adding that the activities of the council security outfit is not to create comfort for the residents, but to make money for themselves because they are not paid salaries by the council authority.
The group blamed Amu-Odofin Local Government Chairman, Comrade Adewale Ayodele for creating such an illegal and hostile security outfits whose aim is to harass residents of Amuwo-Odofin and motorists plying Lagos-Badagry expressway in order to extort them.
“As an activist, we thought he would brought succor to the resident of FESTAC community when he comes on board , rather the reverse is the case as we are being hunted by his militarized men without his doing anything about resolving our problem despite numerous complains and petitions. Consequently, we are calling on Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola and members of Lagos State House of Assembly to come to our rescue by banishing the security outfits and as well as sack the local government chairman,” the petition read.
It would be recalled that the Nigeria Police authorities according to publication in some of the media is planning to clampdown on ad hoc security formations put in place by some state and local governments, citing the excesses of the security outfits and the danger they pose to the public as an example.
The trend, which security sources described as alarming and dangerous, had degenerated to the extent that these private guards had assumed the functions and responsibilities of the police in some of these states.
Investigations conducted by the media revealed that there were no less than 20 of such organisations in the country that had usurped the functions of the police. The police, it was said, were worried that many of these organisations did not get approval for their operations.
The source revealed that the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar, recently sent signals to all zonal Assistant Inspectors General and state commands’ Commissioners of Police to clamp down on such illegal organisations usurping the functions of the police.
It was also gathered that in some states, members of such organisations assumed the functions of controlling the traffic and arresting vehicles.


…Sets up secret committee

Fejiro Oliver

Barring any last minute change in plan, we can
authoritatively report that Delta State governor, Mr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has
concluded plan to join the upper chambers in the National Assembly. A source in
the know of the governors intention hinted that Uduaghan has began mobilization
of politicians from Delta South to see to the realization of his ambition.

The source noted that the governor who is frightened
daily due to his numerous corrupt files before the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC) wants to take solace in the senate, which he would use
to divert the anti corruption agency. An impeccable source in the cabinet told
this paper that the corrupt governor is using the commissioner of works,
Solomon Funkemeke as a front to talk to youth leaders and politicians to ‘ask
that he contest’.
“Don’t mind him, he wants to make it look like the
people of Delta South are the one asking him to contest, when he is actually
pumping money into the project”, a source said. The governor we reliably
gathered has amassed enough money from the state treasury to give the current
senator, James Manager a run for his money. All machinery of the Delta South
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been put on alert and coerced with money to
make sure that the governor is given the party ticket.
The source noted that from next year, billboards and
adverts will be rolled out, sponsored by phantom groups, all calling for the
governor to join the senatorial race, but all paid for by the state government.
With this recent development, we gathered that James Manager has taken the
matter to the presidency, asking him to stop Mr. Uduaghan from eyeing the seat
if the part must win the zone in the 2015 election.