Secret Reporters

The date was March 25th March 2010, when without proper consultation, a suspicious agreement was entered into by the Ministry of Trade and Investment with a consultant called NOVALSYS Limited for the development of a web registration management solution for registration of Trademarks, Patents and Designs in the Commercial Law Department (CLD) of the Ministry.

With such agreement, the consultant were saddled with creating a software that enabled applicants for such trademarks, designs and patents to register and make payment online, thus giving them authority to collect funds on behalf of the Federal Government. The fraud apparently began.

NOVALSYS agreement stated that it will collect a whooping sum of N200 million for the design and services rendered to the ministry annually.

Investigations by this medium backed with loads of documents from credible sources detailed how the consultant unilaterally declared what it deemed fit to the Ministry, after keeping 20% of the revenue generated, which they alone have access to.

In 2012, the consultant claimed N287.9 million as total revenue generated and remitted, while in 2013, it claimed that have generated N321.3 million. In the year 2014, it declared N415.9 million and in 2014, they submitted N369.5 million. In a report that investigated the in-depth inspection of revenue records of the Ministry, NOVALSYS was clearly indicted for not giving proper records of reconciliation from 2010 when the contract was awarded and also presenting only computer printouts generated by them without backing it up with bank statements. The records they presented to the team of investigators were materially defective, with 2014 records missing or not printed by the consultant.

NOVALSYS begins its fraud

Soon after the contract was signed, the consultant assumed the status of a demi-god and acted like they employed staff of the Ministry of Trade and Investment. Whatever the Commercial Law Department told them to do mean nothing to them. They were playing the politics of the top, dining and wining directly with the then Permanet Secretary and Minister.

Without consulting with the CLD, they brought in a sub consultant called Upper Link Ltd. This led to the sharing formula of the ministry’s revenue splotting into four persons, with all of them maintaining accounts with Skye Bank, who later became part of the multi billion Naira fraud.

NOVALSYS charged commission of that ranges from N1500 to N3500 depending on the services rendered per transaction. It was this commission that the consultant were supposed to make their investment and profit, while remitting the balance to the coffers of the Ministry as well as share revenues among the four of them.

The ministry account number with Skye Bank is 1770393883 with 100% total revenue. The sub consultant brought by the main consultant, Upper Link Ltd smiled home with 6.7% as service charge. Commercial Law Department was given 6.7% as service charge while NOVALSYS bolted away with 86.6% service charge. The account maintained by the Commercial Law Department with Skye Bank was opened without approval from the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF).

In a bid to keep secret the real amount gotten through registration, the consultant refused to release details account details of CLD and Upper Link Ltd claiming that they were public relations account ran by him.

The contract with NOVALSYS ended in 2014 after raking in billions of Naira that could not be accounted for. Then abracadabra played out as NOVALSYS closed down its company and came up with another name. This time, they named it EINAO Solutions

Just like NOVAYSYS, the new company EINAO was registered by Nkwoji Collins with 800,000 shares while his brother Nkwoji Arinze has 50,000 shares and the company’s secretary, Esekhile Maureen has 150,000 and registered on 2nd May 2011 with RC Number 950181 while the former was registered on 12rh June 2008 with RC 753050, but Nkwoji Collins added Ikemefuna to his name this time around with three entirely different directors and shareholders all holding equal shares of 2,000,000.

The same contract given to NOVASYS was duplicated for EINAO despite clear knowledge that they have been duping the ministry. There was an unseen hand behind this siphoning of billion s from the FG coffers. Secret Reporters was to know later.

To be continued…

Editor’s Note: Our reporter consistently fell sick while this report was written at exactly the same time


Secret Reporters

Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum (State) Ibe Kachikwu is an alleged philanderer and this is from authoritative grapevine sources.

Investigations into the life of the oil mogul turned politician revealed that while Nigerians groan under fuel scarcity, Kachikwu has been having the fun of his life with women of easy virtues, with aviation fuel at his disposal.

To keep away his alleged amorous activities from the eyes of journalists and political detractors in Abuja, the Minister turned to Delta State capital as his love nest to have his life of pleasure.

Secret Reporters gathered from credible sources in the course of our investigation on how he ferries ladies from South Africa to Nigeria and flies them to Asaba, using a chartered private jet, which we cannot independently confirm if it was paid for by the Ministry of Petroleum. Our sources however noted that all the times he comes to Asaba in chartered jet were paid from Nigeria’s coffers.

Our tab on Kachikwu, who is hoping to contest the 2019 Delta State Governorship race, revealed that he travelled to Asaba last week Thursday through Overland Airways to attend Delta North All Progressive Congress (APC) meeting. His sojourn in the state was not alone as his imported South African lover also followed him but through Aero Contractors that came in from Lagos, which landed almost the same time with Overland in Asaba Airport around 1:05 pm.

A day after the meeting which was held last week Friday, we can authoritatively report that Kachikwu ordered for a private jet to land in Asaba Airport, to ferry him and his South African lady of easy virtue back to Abuja. The Jet with serial No-5N-BLA had in its manifest obtained by Secret Reporters, Ibe Kachikwu who wore a jean trouser and a blue T-shirt, Harrison (His Principal Secretary) who wore a milk native cloth while one Mr Theophilus (only his first name was seen on the manifest) wore a blue jean and T-shirt and one other notable figure wearing a white native (Editorial policy does not permit disclosure of his name). Curiously enough, the lady’s name was not listed on the manifest obtained by us from our Abuja airport sources, an act against aviation procedure, as the pilot apparently on order by Kachikwu refused to list her name among the five passengers.

The lady also traveled back to Lagos that same evening from Abuja on Air Peace, this medium gathered. She flew back to South Africa the next day, stated a source close to Kachikwu.

This is not the first time that Kachikwu will be using private jet for pleasure purposes, narrated our sources in Abuja Airport. He’s also known to invite other thick curvy ladies from South Africa and Europe to Abuja before taking them to Asaba to warm his bed, alleged our sources. This game of fun is allegedly done every fortnight.

Calls placed to the Minister were not picked neither did he reply our message.

…To be continued


Secret Reporters

There is a secret scandal currently brewing in Imo State, according to a blogger, Precious Eze.

The Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo State, Uche Nwosu, who also doubles as Son-Inlaw to the Governor, Rochas Okorocha and also serves as Chairman of the Imo State Land Bureau, has a second wife in the person of “Chidinma Ajoku” the daughter of Mazi Anthony Ajoku from Nekede, Owerri West LGA, in Imo State.

Chidinma was until she got pregnant for Uche Nwosu a staff of the State Ministry for Lands, when he was Commissioner there and one-thing led to another and a love affair ensued between them, leading to her being pregnant and as we all know, Imo girls are not known to commit abortions, especially when the man in question is well to do and therefore, Uche had to marry her as his second wife.

During the traditional marriage which was conducted in the Ajoku family house, Uche Nwosu was said to have been represented to cover the shame of impregnating his staff, and traditionally, the bride price of Chidinma Ajoku was paid.


As we push this, Chidinma Uche Nwosu and her son, whom she bore for Uche Nwosu now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For the purpose of truth here, in Igbo land, Traditional Marriages and payment of bride prices are the most legal means of marriage that is recognized today and this being done by Uche, means that Chidinma has every right and privilege in Uche Nwosu’s dynasty.

The father of Chidinma, Mazi Anthony Ajou till today still does jobs for Uche Nwosu as one of the men who sell lands for him in and around Owerri, the state capital.

uche Nwosu is currently scheming to take over the helm of affairs from his father in-law, with Rochas vowing to install him as his successor.