Secret Reporters News is citizen news driven online medium committed to exposing hidden things done by government, corporate bodies, and individuals as well our own profession. SR is a child born out of necessity as we got fed up with the media where names of criminals and government officials who have held Nigeria and Africa hostage are hidden; which are always displayed as ‘withheld’.

With time tested, investigative and credible Journalists in our workforce, we are committed to a robust Journalism where the citizens have a right to know what goes on in their country; a country where truly, no man is oppressed. We want to hold the government accountable to those they lead and institutions bound by their oath of services. We are bound by truth and fairness as our watchword; if it is red, it is red and if it is pink, so it is. With truthful columns write up, unbiased reporting and fearless detailed information, we bring it to you bare and raw.

Our editorial policy is not affected by companies and people, who place adverts with us, neither are our reportage for the highest bidder. We pride ourselves as fearless, blunt and hard hitting as the rock. Whatever people fear to say and whatever people deserves to know; we will bring it to you.

With us, there is truly no place to hide.

To expose what the government, influential citizens and corporate bodies do, which negatively affects the masses and impoverish the country, thereby creating a less corrupt free society.



  1. Post my comment. Its time had responsible journalism. Nigerian media too must be held accountable. The government is one half of the problem and media the other half.

  2. So much talk about the Governing Council chairman, Rector and other Senior staffs including their children. Well, osiobe ovie frank is who I can describe as a jobless empty barking dog with no teeth that is devoid of any form of proper reasoning. 
       Ovie osiobe has forgotten how he got the job that he threw away with his foolishness and pride. Ovie was actually dating a lady by d name ‘okiemute’, she actually begged for him to have the job with the hope of securing a future with ovie osiobe frank. The hopeless & hungry dog actually got the job, she actually gave him money to buy the first car he used in his life (Audi 80). But as karma would have it, he had an accident beyond repair shortly after he dumped the lady. Afterwards, another vehicle emerged after much blocking from students, a toyota rav4. This was also destroyed in an accident that occured during the kidnap of the Rector. 
         He got married to another lady, now during this times, ovie continued with his evil deeds of forcing female students for sèx or fail his courses. Even when he was caught for extortion, he sees it as his right and felt no remorse. He was invited by the academic board on three or more ocassions. He still didn’t back down, until he was suspended with pay, he personally boasted that he would rather write his resignation letter than to appologize to the school’s management. 
       This was how he started saying all sorts of things and kept on boasting about dealing with the school”s management. However, ovie started visiting bars around the school premises and forcing female students to come meet him. This eventually lead to his car being involved in a ghastly car crash involving two female students that escaped death by hair’s breath,  along the back road of mondele in otefe oghara. This happned at about 09:22pm febuary 4th 2014… 

         Please I think someone should ask ovie if his wife is not enough for him? We have recorded three accidents within a short period of time.ovie is like a goat, when you stop a goat or even beat it with a stick from eating something, it pretends to go, but comes back again, that is to say, a goat neva learns.The last vehicle osiobe ovie used before he was suspended & finally sacked because of his lawlessness, stupid and pride.a Honda accord car (eod). Ovie, if you are wise you would try to get yourself ashore and try to look for a hotel receptionist job to do or better still do some menial job to sustain your wife because I know you don’t have any child before she leaves you (that is if she hasn’t left yet) for this small yahoo boys.
    Please grow up! ‘égwárén ó’

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